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  • More than a patch: What is your squadron’s heritage?

    The chief of staff of the Air Force recently authorized the wear of the Operational Camouflage Pattern uniform, which is not only a significant shift to a more practical and combat-effective uniform, but also allows you to proudly display your unit’s emblem. This is another important step in the revitalization of the squadron and, just like back in the days of Battle Dress Uniforms, you are now authorized to wear your squadron’s patch on your uniform. However, do you fully understand the importance of your squadron’s heritage and what that patch resembles?
  • Out front: Growing beyond your comfort zone

    I joined the Air Force more than 17 years ago. Things have changed since then – my own personality being one of them.Today, I consider myself outgoing, extroverted and comfortable speaking in front of a large audience or easily strike up conversation with people I have never met before. However, that wasn’t always the case.The main reason for this
  • Seeking Better Balance: Pearls from my leadership path

    A cursory search of “leadership” on Amazon® books will return over 60,000 results. When I read, I’m always looking for practical solutions I may implement to improve my leadership style. Here are a few nuggets of wisdom I have found beneficial from my personal leadership journey. I share them in the hope they may likewise prove useful to others.
  • Funding innovation: Team Whiteman’s 2018 dollars go farther!

    The 3.7 percent increase to the Defense appropriation also included a $110 million increase in Facility Sustainment Restoration, and Modernization (FSRM) dollars. Additionally, Team Whiteman has been extremely successful in obtaining additional FSRM dollars to fund critical projects across the installation.
  • Take ownership in your squadron family

    The squadron is the most important organization in the Air Force. It’s where we, as a military, win or lose.
  • My first Father's Day

    It was exactly this time last year when I found out news that would change my life forever. Now, I am celebrating my first Father’s Day as a dad.It’s crazy to think about how much has happened between then and now—it still feels like I just received the news. My girlfriend, Casey, and I had been in a long distance relationship for a little more
  • The power of leading with a positive attitude

    As my time as the commander of the 509th Munitions Squadron ends on May 30, I have spent numerous hours reflecting on the past 24 months at Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri. My main contemplation is, "Have I been an effective leader in the ever-changing Air Force in which we live, work and operate?"
  • WAFB celebrates National Nurses Week

    National Nurses Week is celebrated at the same time every year to commemorate a pioneer of modern nursing: Florence Nightingale. It begins on May 6 and ends on May 12, which is Nightingale’s birthday. Nightingale was born in 1820 and died in 1910 at the age of 90.
  • Superhero’s secret: Whiteman AFB ‘sidekicks’

    In the middle of Missouri lives a superhero only a few have ever seen, let alone met. A one-of-a-kind machine, created solely to defend and avenge, that soars high in the clouds in stealthy disguise.
  • Fiscal year-end: Is your GPC ready?

    Did you know the DoD fiscal year ends on Sept. 30 each year? This means that over the next few months, squadrons will be gearing up to identify and finalize FY18 unit requirements and outline the means between receiving funds and actually making the purchase. Most of these items will consist of small dollar purchases that can be made within the unit. How does that happen? Enter the Government Purchase Card (GPC) program.