509th Maintenance Group

The 509th Maintenance Group maintains the nation's only long-range stealth bomber. The group provides full spectrum organizational and field-level maintenance and munitions support for the 509th Bomb Wing, employing 20 B-2 Spirit bombers. The group is also charged with supporting deployable long-range strategic airpower with complete maintenance and munitions packages for deployment and coordinates and engineers improvements with the program management office and higher headquarters.

Maintenance Squadron

The 509th Maintenance Squadron provides logistics and maintenance support capabilities for B-2 bomber mission operations. This squadron also performs on/off aircraft maintenance on B-2 systems and components. 

The unit sustains the aircraft's unique outer mold line to preserve the weapon system's low observable characteristics, and maintains ground support equipment and the consolidated aircraft support system for the B-2 facilities.


The 509th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron provides worldwide combat capability by planning and conducting all aspects of on-aircraft maintenance, launch and recovery of 20 B-2 aircraft in direct support of Joint Chiefs of Staff nuclear and conventional taskings.

The unit delivers maximum combat readiness while maintaining a deployable combat force capable of projecting B-2 global firepower at a moment's notice, anytime and anywhere.

Munitions Squadron

The 509th Munitions Squadron enables the rapid employment of air power in support of global attack missions by producing quality munitions and armament systems support. 

The unit performs assembly, inspection and maintenance of strategic weapons, precision-guided munitions and release assemblies to meet nuclear and conventional B-2 missions in support of Air Force Global Strike Command taskings and U.S. Strategic Command Single Integrated Operational Plan commitments.

Maintenance Ops Flight

The 509th Maintenance Operations Flight ensures combat readiness of the 509th Bomb Wing by managing the overall health of the B-2 and T-38 fleets, improving and sustaining unit capabilities and gauging the overall health of maintenance efforts. 

The unit is responsible for planning, controlling and executing the responsibilities of the maintenance group commander, to include manning, training, facilities, support agreements and deployment functions.

509 MXG Commander