Requesting a Flyover

Requests for a military flyover at your special event can be made through the U.S. Air Force Aerial Events Support home page. 

Event organizers should be aware that military aircraft flyover requests are subject to a number of restrictions and are supported only where they do not impact operational mission accomplishment. 

Anyone requesting a military aircraft flyover must submit a completed DD Form 2535 to the public affairs office a minimum of 90 days prior to the event to be considered for support. Less than 90 days notice greatly reduces the chance that support will be available. Requests received 30 days or closer to the event will NOT be considered. 

If your event is not aviation-related or directly connected to a patriotic holiday, you must fill out an Exception-to-Policy (ETP) form. This form provides greater detail on the military connection to the event. Please be as comprehensible as possible. 

You may download and print out a DD Form 2535 and the Exception-to-Policy form, along with instructions for correctly filling out both forms on the U.S. Air Force Aerial Events Support request procedures page. 

If you plan to request a military aircraft flyover, please call the 509th Bomb Wing Public Affairs Office at (660) 687-5727 beforehand to discuss your project. Although we cannot guarantee approval of your request, we can help make the application/request process a smoother experience for you.