The COVID vaccine is now open to ALL DoD cardholders and beneficiaries 18 years of age and older.  Please see below for instructions on how to schedule your appointment.

There are three ways to schedule your FIRST or SECOND DOSE COVID vaccines for Friday, 09 April 2021 at the Deployment Center from 0730-1600.

Note:  Individuals who received their FIRST dose of the COVID vaccine at Whiteman Air Force Base on or before 12 March are eligible to receive their SECOND DOSE of the COVID vaccine on 09 April at the Deployment Center.           

Option 1: Website to schedule: https://booking.appointy.com/en-US/wafbvaccine/bookings/service   

(If the link doesn’t work on a government computer, it will work from a personal computer/phone)

Website directions:

  1. Select First or Second Dose, click NEXT (bottom of screen)
  2. Select 09 Apr on the next screen
  3. Select desired appointment time
  4. Enter requested information

Option 2: AF Connect App

App directions:

  1. Open App
  2. Select COVID-19 link
  3. Scroll down to website and click link
  4. Follow website directions above

Option 3: Members may also call (660) 687-4305/4307 to schedule their vaccination.

Note:  If you have difficulty registering, please contact 687-4305 for assistance.   Priority will be given to individuals with scheduled appointments.

Should you elect to be vaccinated, please bring the attached form with you.

To fill out the document click here

COVID-19 Vaccine FAQ

Mandatory Face Covering and Bar Restriction

1. Uniformed personnel will wear a face covering while visiting any public indoor facilities off-base. An
exception exists for on and off-base facilities when personnel are in a restaurant and seated at a table or
booth, for purposes of eating or drinking, such that the food establishment’s servers wear masks and
tables are appropriately distanced. If establishments do not abide by these guidelines, members cannot
dine in and must utilize to-go or curbside options.

2. Uniformed personnel will not visit any off-base bar or similar establishment with a primary purpose of
serving alcohol as opposed to food.

3. Consistent with the policy that took effect on 3 July 2020, face coverings are still required to enter
Whiteman AFB public facilities. Everyone over the age of two will be required to wear a face covering
unless a specific exemption has been identified for that facility. Exemptions include:
a. Anyone with a medical condition or special needs that makes wearing a face covering difficult
or hazardous;
b. A face covering must be worn into the Whiteman AFB Fitness Center, though face coverings
may be removed while actively performing cardiovascular exercise such as running, biking, or using an
elliptical machine; and,
c. Face coverings are required at Whiteman AFB pools, except while actually swimming.

COVID-19 Information


Leave and Travel Policy

Whiteman Air Force Base is now considered green, which will allow for leave opportunities outside of the local area and expand the 1 hour travel limit on passes. All previous guidance on leave and passes are rescinded.  New guidance follows:


Travel within the local area:

- Airmen are clear to continue to take local leave or travel on a pass within a 1 hour radius of their residence, unrestricted with no additional steps.


Travel outside of 1 hour from primary residence:

Use https://globalepidemics.org/key-metrics-for-covid-suppression/ to fill out the  Risk Exposure Worksheet and detail the travel plans.


      1. Official Travel (I.e. TDY, Inbound PCS, Deployment)

                a. must be dispositioned by the public Health Office. Accomplished by Travel Risk Exposure Worksheet and forward to usaf.whiteman.509-mdg.mbx.public-health-office@mail.mil


        2. Leave and Leisure Travel

                a. If the area is in green or yellow, the travel is low-risk. If the area is in orange, the are is in moderate-risk. If the are is in red, the area is in high risk.

                b. Low and moderate-risk areas do not require Public Health disposition. If the area is high risk, submit the Form to your Unit Public Health Augmentee for disposition.


        3. Receive a pre-departure briefing from a supervisor (E-7 or above) then submit your travel documents through leaveweb to be approved or denied by your Squadron Commander or Squadron Deputy Commander. 

               a. For passes outside of the 1 hour, Airmen only require the worksheet and briefing. Supervisors will make the Squadron Commander aware if any member is travelling on pass to a high-risk area. 


Additional Notes:

-If leave is approved, travelers should continue to wear masks, frequently wash hands, and limit travel stops. Travelers should also continue to use hand sanitizer at gas stations, minimize dining at restaurants, and avoid large gatherings.

-DO NOT return to work after from returning from a pass or leave if you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or feel you have been exposed to someone with COVID.

- If traveling to an overseas destination, make sure it is feasible. Although some nations may be "green", many have significant measures in place to fight COVID-19.

WAFB Resources

FSS Daily Update

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