Whiteman AFB Flight Safety

Flight safety is something people often take for granted. However, with more airplanes sharing the skies and more restrictions being made, the BIG SKY theory is no longer valid. We must be diligent in our commitment to safe flying. 

The Whiteman Air Force Base Flight Safety Office is a three-person team. Its goal is to mitigate as much risk as possible while supporting a robust flying program. They're committed to sharing the skies with our general aviation counterparts in a safe manner.

Midair collisions are an area of vital concern to everyone who flies an airplane. The actual number of midairs between Air Force aircraft and general aviation aircraft is relatively low; however, 80 percent of reported Air Force near misses occur with general aviation aircraft. Because of increasing general aviation traffic and heavy concentrations of military aircraft involved in training, we want to inform you of the flying activity at Whiteman Air Force Base. 

This Web page is designed to alert you to the many areas of high midair collision potential in the skies over Missouri and to share ways to make them safer. This site will describe the types of military aircraft you may encounter, arrival and departure routes, and military operating areas. It also provides information regarding midair collisions and ways we can all help avoid them. 

The pilots and controllers assigned to Whiteman AFB are committed to maintaining a strong, active midair collision avoidance (MACA) program. We hope this site will serve to increase your understanding of Whiteman's flying activities so we may continue to safely share the skies. If you desire any additional information or a briefing from the Whiteman Air Force Base MACA team members concerning our operations, please contact the Whiteman Flight Safety Office at (660) 687-6928 or the airfield operations flight commander at (660) 687-6100. 

Flight Safety Personnel 

Flight Safety Officer, 660-687-6928

BASH Manager, 660-687-7411

If you have any questions or concerns please email the Flight Safety Office 

For After Duty Hours, Please contact Command Post at DSN 975-3778.


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