While you may automatically share your daily experience on popular social media to tell friends and family, Public Affairs offers various ways to tell your Air Force story.

How is this relevant? 

- Ask your nana. Although you may not consider it, your grandparents may still get their news through a newspaper and TV. And while your Instagram timeline may look good on the latest cell phone, a yellowed article and a mugshot of yourself in uniform can turn into a lasting, priceless treasure.

- Plug into today's media: We work closely with local and international media outlets to share Team Whiteman's story. You are part of the puzzle and we want to share how you support the mission. Your story may be shared in the traditional newspapers as well as TV and radio news.

- Have you graduated a military education class, received a promotion, decoration, new command; deployment; enlistment; retirements or other news during your military service? We link directly to the Joint Hometown News Service, which connects service members with their hometown media outlets. 

It's your duty to share success, not your ego. You may think that all of these points may rely heavily on some kind of showoff attitude. In fact, it's instead a service before self responsibility that should drive you to submit news releases regularly, and throughout your military career. That's because the military-to-community connection strengthens from openness and insight.

Your Whiteman AFB Story

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The Joint Hometown News prides itself in telling the American military story one service member at a time. The Joint Hometown News Service supports military service members world-wide by sharing their personal stories and achievements with friends and family back home. This service is free to all Active Duty, Guard, and Reserve military members from all branches of service, including Federal employees. Get started here to fill out your Joint Hometown News Release!

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