Wing leaders recognize Black History Month

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Dawn Hamilton
  • African American Heritage Association President

Black History Month is a time for our Nation to continue the tradition of paying tribute to African Americans across the globe for their distinguished contributions, achievements, and the influence they have made in our nation’s history. For many, it is easy to turn a blind eye to traditions, experiences, and culture besides one’s own. Therefore, it is vital for everyone practice a sense of awareness.

Personally, like other practices and celebrations throughout the year, Black History should be celebrated all of the time, added to textbooks, and the origin of the events left the same. Slavery is not and should not be the only timeframe observed because there are millions of amazing discoveries, talents, and teachings that each child within the U.S. should see. It is always okay to celebrate oneself, but don’t forget to also cherish and celebrate someone who would be considered different than you. Embracing Diversity and Respecting Life is the key to keeping the peace for many generations to come.