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  • A Monument Built from a Legacy

    ! Do you know the story of the monument sitting in front of the 509th Bomb Wing headquarters building? The statue that we pass every day is a symbol that pays homage to the heritage of the 509th, a heritage that includes the missions that ended World War II.

  • Drive safe this Holiday Season

    December is National Impaired Driving Prevention Month. With so many people traveling around the holiday season, the importance of safe—and sober—driving is greater. Driving sober and having a plan if you're going to be drinking can not only save your career—it can save your life.

  • The lessons we learn

    I signed up for the build a bomb event held by the 509th Munitions Squadron, to get a better perspective on munition Airmen’s work lives. Though I never expected to get such a clear view on how vital teamwork can be through this event.As Public Affairs, I had been to the munitions squadron before,

  • Air Force Resiliency : One Airman's journey to overcome adversity

    When I hear the word resilience, I’ve seen that it is often followed by shrugs that seem to say, “Here we go again, another briefing.” The Air Force teaches that resilience is the ability to withstand, recover, and “bounce back” in the face of adversity. I have learned that just because you are

  • 75th Anniversary of the Atomic Bombing Missions

    On April 26, 1945, 859 men loaded onto two trains at a small rail station in western Utah for a two-day journey to Seattle, Washington. After a short stay, the men boarded the ship “Cape Victory” and on May 6 set off for Tinian in the Northern Mariana Islands where they were met by Lt.Col. Hazen J.

  • Striker Strong – Leading in Unprecedented Times

    Nothing has prepared me for this situation. I cannot sleep and I am constantly rolling through my mind’s rolodex looking for examples, stories, situations, anything I can pull to help with the daily struggles of leading and advising our senior leaders through an unprecedented pandemic.