How to report aircraft noise

Whiteman Air Force Base strives to be a good neighbor to residents of Missouri and beyond. If you are affected by flying operations, we want to hear about your concerns.

Please use this form to tell us about the disturbance you experienced in as much detail as possible. You may receive a follow-up call or email from 509th Bomb Wing Public Affairs so that we can get additional important information from you.

What happens to my noise complaint?

Noise complaints are taken very seriously and are administered by the Public Affairs Community Engagement team. After an initial review, the team routes inquiries to agencies such as airfield management, operations support and civil engineering. 

In most cases, noise is caused for short periods of time due to necessary training requirements or extraordinary flight conditions. Other times, aircraft can be directed to avoid your area in the future. Please note, however, that we often receive notices for noise that is not caused by aircraft from Whiteman Air Force Base at all. In those cases we forward your concern when we can identify other flying units or civilian air traffic in the area.

Submission Form