Whiteman Retiree Activities Office

The Retiree Activity Office (RAO) provides liaison between the active duty personnel and the retiree community of all branches of military service. It serves as the nerve center to provide answers to problems concerns, benefits and entitlements for retired personnel and coordinates with other support agencies.

The RAO keeps retirees informed through annual newsletters and the RAO website. Annual newsletters are posted on the RAO website and mailed out as funding permits. Volunteers consisting of military retirees and their spouses staff the RAO office.

There is always a need for additional volunteers in the RAO. Please call or stop by the RAO and volunteer your time.

Office Contact Info

750 Arnold Ave., Ste 126
Whiteman Air Force Base, Mo.   65305

Office Hours: Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Retiree Activities Office
750 Arnold Ave., Ste 126
Whiteman Air Force Base, MO  65305

EMAIL: 509.bw.retiree.affairs.office@us.af.mil

Veterans are eligible for Veterans Affairs assistance with funeral costs

Honorably discharged veterans who are involved with Veterans Administration with at least one of the following conditions, may be eligible to obtain financial assistance if:
-- The veteran died because of a service-related disability.
-- The veteran was receiving VA compensation or pension at the time of his/her death.
-- The veteran died while hospitalized at a VA medical facility or while traveling to an authorized VA medical examination.
-- The veteran had a VA compensation or pension claim pending at the time of death and has been found entitled to compensation or pension from a date prior to that of his/her death.
-- The veteran died while a patient at a VA-approved state nursing home.

In summary, to be eligible to receive some funeral related assistance cost, you must be receiving some sort of VA related benefits at the time of death.

If the veterans death was service related, the VA will pay up to $2,000 toward the deceased veteran's funeral related costs. If the deceased veteran is buried in a VA national cemetery, the VA may reimburse some of the costs of transporting the deceased.

If the veterans death was non-service related, the VA will pay up to $300 toward burial and funeral expenses and $300 plot-internment allowances.

VA Form 21-530 "Application for burial benefits" must be filled out and sent in for VA review for any monetary awards. You can obtain a copy of the form by entertaining "VA Form 21-530" on your search engine on the internet.

Most funeral homes have the form or will obtain and help fill it out. A copy of the veterans discharge form (DD Dorm 214 or equivalent) must be included when mailed to the VA. Also, copies of any bills showing them paid should be included.

(Current as of March 2016)

Social Security number no longer on DOD ID cards

Effective May 31, 2011, DOD eliminated the Social Security Number from newly made DOD ID cards. The SSN will no longer be visible on the cards and should not be relied on for individual authentication. These changes have been made by DOD to protect the identify information of the cardholder. The overall objective is to the remove SSNs from barcodes on all cards and this schedule to start in calendar year 2012.

Individuals will receive a new card upon experience date and wishing their SSN to be removed may do so at any time. Call the Whiteman AFB customer service at 660-687-6427/6428 for further information. TRICARE beneficiaries should make sure they have their SSN committed to memory because it won't be on new DOD ID cards.