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Promoting family and community health and resilience through intervention and prevention services

What is the Family Advocacy Program?

The Family Advocacy Program (FAP) is a program to enhance the 509th Bomb Wing mission readiness by promoting family and community health and resilience through intervention and prevention services.

The program helps active-duty members and their family members/intimate partners build healthy and resilient families by addressing relationship challenges. The program’s mission is for prevention of maltreatment and provides individual and couples therapy, seminars, and educational groups focused on couples communication, parenting, stress, anger management, etc. When family maltreatment does occur, FAP professionals and clinicians work with the family to reduce the likelihood of future maltreatment.

The Family Advocacy Officer, Family Advocacy Treatment Manager and Family Advocacy Intervention Specialist work closely with leadership, as well as military and community agencies to ensure safety of all couples and family member.


Family/Partner Maltreatment

Family Advocacy maltreatment services responds to allegations of child and spouse/intimate partner maltreatment involving active duty personnel and their families/partners.

Maltreatment services include:
· Clinical Assessments
· Safety Planning
· Individual, couples, and family counseling
· Information and referral
· Case management services

You may also be referred for a Family Advocacy appointment when there has been a report that could indicate the possibility of family maltreatment involving you, your dependents or intimate partner. Maltreatment can include any type of abuse or neglect (i.e., emotional, physical, neglect, sexual) toward you, a spouse, an intimate partner or child. FAP staff will meet with you to assess the situation and will subsequently make clinical recommendations.

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What to expect during your appointment

The Family Advocacy clinician will need to meet with family members/intimate partners whether or not they were directly involved in the incident. A responsible adult must be available to watch your children (12 and younger) as the intake process is fairly lengthy and it can be difficult for children to wait in the clinic during this time. In addition, some of the issues discussed will be sensitive and are not always appropriate for children to hear.

Staff will explain the limits of confidentiality, the nature of the program, and ask about the incident described in the referral. You will meet with a clinical social worker who will evaluate the details of the incident, your family history, and current relationships. Family Advocacy staff will make recommendations and will explain what will happen following your appointment.

Family Advocacy staff understands that the referral process can be stressful. The team is here to provide you and your family/partner with support and will do their best to address any questions and concerns you may have.

Advocates accompany victims to medical visits, court proceedings, and other appointments as requested.

The Domestic Abuse Victim Advocate program provides crisis intervention and support services to domestic abuse victims, 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. If you or someone you know has experienced domestic violence, you are not alone. Help and support are available.

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Useful Base & Community Contacts

Security Forces - 687-3700
Appointment Desk, Pediatrics, Family Health, Pharmacy Refill Line, After Hours - 687-2188
DEERS - 687-6426
Mental Health - 687-4341
Family Advocacy Class Information - 687-4341
Medical Group Case Manager - 687-4169
Exceptional Family Member Special Needs Coordinator - 687-6032
Family Child Care Office - 687-5590
Child Development Center - 687-5588
Airmen & Family Readiness Center - 687-7132
Base Chapel Center - 687-3652
Base Library - 687-5614
Youth Center - 687-5586
Community Support Coordinator - 687-4804
Domestic Abuse Victim Advocate - 324-4752
Survival House (Warrensburg Adult Abuse Center) - 429-2847
CASA (Sedalia Adult Abuse Center) - 827-5555
Lactation Consultant at WMMC - 262-7519
Western Missouri Medical Center (WMMC) Childbirth, Breastfeeding Classes - 262-7519
Bothwell Regional Health Center Classes - 827-9515

Parents As Teachers
Knob Noster - 563-3028
Warrensburg - 747-7424
Pettis County - 827-8955
Windsor - 636-464-4499

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