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What is the Family Advocacy Program?

The Family Advocacy Program (FAP) is a program to enhance the 509th Bomb Wing mission readiness by working to strengthen relationships.

The program helps active-duty members and their family members/intimate partners build healthy and resilient families by addressing relationship challenges. The program provides individual and couples therapy, seminars, and educational groups focused on couples communication, parenting, stress, anger management, etc.

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November Spotlight

“A Father Should Be His Son’s First Hero and His Daughter’s First Love”

Having a loving and nurturing father is as important for a child’s happiness, well-being, and social/academic success as having a loving and nurturing mother. Involved dads impact both sons and daughters, assisting them from day one, to develop into more balanced and well-rounded individuals. The mixed styles of playing and communicating used by both mother and father help to prepare a child for a wide variety of experiences outside the home. High levels of father involvement result in higher levels of sociability, confidence, relationship building and self-control.

Dad’s involvement is linked to positive health outcomes as soon as infancy, such as improved weight gain in preterm infants and improved breastfeeding rates. Children raised by engaged dads are less likely to act out or participate in unwanted risky behaviors, affording them better chances for success. When dads are involved at school, their children show better emotional, academic, social, and behavioral outcomes. They learn more, are more likely to participate in extracurricular activities, have fewer discipline problems, and enjoy school more. These skills are then carried forward to higher education and career settings.

Committing yourself to being an engaged father reaps benefits not only for your child, but for you as well. By creating a bonded relationship with your child, your own life will change for the better. You will experience positive gains in your own development and life decisions. It isn’t the number of hours spent together for father and child, but rather, the quality and strength of that time. It is proven and undeniably possible for out of the home involved fathers to have positive effects on children’s social and emotional well-being, as well as achievement and development later on in life. Whether living with your child or apart from them, you as an engaged father will be able to nurture your child’s healthy physical, emotional, and social development.





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