The lessons we learn

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Joseph Garcia
  • 509 Bomb Wing
I signed up for the build a bomb event held by the 509th Munitions Squadron, to get a better perspective on munition Airmen’s work lives. Though I never expected to get such a clear view on how vital teamwork can be through this event.

As Public Affairs, I had been to the munitions squadron before, covering what they do. Thinking I had an understanding of it all, I figured it would be the same as those times. Construct a bomb, load the bomb, send the bomb to be put on a B-2, repeat.

I was proven wrong after actively participating in the construction of a bomb.

Getting hands-on experience broadened my understanding of not only MUNS Airmen, but the importance of teamwork. Working as a collective is always present in my workspace, but considering how close and direct everyone has to be to put together a bomb, paints a very clear picture as to how crucial it is for their ability to work as a team to flow safely and productively.

For example, one team was set to attach the tail end of the bomb to the main body, the next team was positioned to screw on the front cap, and the last group ready to secure the aerodynamic fins. This may sound cramped, but with us all playing different roles in this assembly, we all knew we were working towards a common goal.

No one role was more or less important than the other. As a result, everyone got credit for the part they played because we all knew we were working towards a common goal.

By the end my team put together three bombs, all having been completed in minutes despite our lack of knowledge on munitions. What we lacked in experience, we made up for with teamwork.

At first, this experience was a fun way to get out of work for a bit. However, in the end it taught me a valuable lesson to share amongst my fellow Airmen.

Hopefully we can all grow together, and be a stronger team than we already are through patience, communication, and grace through learning new experiences.