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  • two Wings, One Team

    Airmen must often integrate and work together as a team to support and accomplish the U.S. Air Force’s mission to fly, fight, and win. When active duty, reserve, and National Guard components work together, it’s known as Total Force Integration.While the 442nd Fighter Wing is a reserve wing and the

  • Resiliency: An Airman's Greatest Strength

    Balancing work and personal life can be a challenge in the Air Force. Airmen must often work long hours, take on additional duties, and keep up with their training. They often learn to be resilient to manage stressful situations, which can be important to get them through the day. For U.S. Air Force

  • Spirit Vigilance exercise

    Spirit Vigilance exercise is captured at Whiteman Air Force Base, showing the capabilities of the B-2 and the Airmen who support it. Spirit Vigilance is part of routine Vigilance exercises that bomb wings across the Air Force conduct multiple times a year.