1-135th ARB to take up ARMS

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Jason Barebo
  • 509th Bomb Wing Public Affairs
The 1-135th Attack Reconnaissance Battalion will undergo pre-inspection for the Aviation Resource Management Survey today. The survey will evaluate their processes and compare them to Army standards.

"This pre-inspection is mostly an administrative audit," said Army Maj. Fin Carey, 1-135th Support Facility acting commander. "A lot of things that we do must be updated on a regular basis and the ARMS teams check that we are doing that."

The last ARMS for the 1-135th ARB was in 2006.

"These assistance visits help to prepare us for Army inspections," said Warrant Officer 4 Jim Nix, a 22-year member of the 1-135th ARB. "They also come in handy for deployments by giving us tips on what other units are doing, some shortcomings and strong points they have seen, and they bring some processes for us to build on."
The Army inspects units every two years.

"It's a continuous process," Mr. Nix said. "They look at all of our records and ensure we conform to Army standards.

"My role is to ensure we are ready by reviewing our standard operating procedures, keep them up-to-date and make any necessary changes as needed."

The ARMS team will look at all aspects of the 1-135th ARB to ensure compliance and better prepare them for upcoming inspections.

"The ARMS team and the inspectors really do a great job," Mr. Nix said. "Over the years I have seen their processes go form just evaluating to also teaching us how we can better complete our mission."