"OPERATION QUARTERS WATCH:" A worry-free vacation begins with preparation

  • Published
  • By Heidi Hunt
  • 509th Bomb Wing Public Affairs
As families begin to make holiday travel plans, one item of concern is leaving your home unattended.

However, the 509th Security Forces Squadron offers base housing residents a unique service called Operation Quarters Watch.

Base residents who enroll in Operations Quarters Watch will have their homes checked twice within a 24-hour time period by Security Forces, according to Osban.

"Base housing residents are encouraged to stop by the Police Services Desk and register their address for Operations Quarters Watch," said Jerry Osban, 509th Security Forces Squadron Resource Protection Program manager. "The program also provides Security Forces with contact information for your home's caretaker in the event of an emergency."

During the checks, Law Enforcement will ensure all doors and windows are locked, secure, and that there is no damage.

If Security Forces is doing a house check and notices something out of the ordinary, they will contact the Law Enforcement Desk, and will also notify the resident and contact a caretaker if one is provided by the occupant on the quarters watch form, according to Osban.

"If something is occurring at the home while the resident is absent, SFS will take appropriate action," Osban said.

Although extremely rate on base, crimes can occur in base housing and Operation Quarters Watch is one way to prevent it, according to Senior Airman Keena Johnson, 509th SFS Law Enforcement.

"You will be more relaxed while on vacation knowing your house is secure and looked after," said Johnson.

All information is kept confidential and Security Forces will make arrangements for the duration of the time while the base resident is on vacation.

For more details on keeping your home safe or registering for Operation Quarters Watch, contact Master Sgt. Sean Ring at 660-687-4257, or Jerry Osban at 660-687-4482.

Forms can be picked up and dropped off at the Police Services Desk located at 1031 Vandenberg Ave., Bldg #711.

The service is provided to base housing residents only and does not include dorms residents.

(Editor's note: This is part two of a three-part series highlighting the 509th Security Forces Squadron Law Enforcement and Crime Prevention)