Peak Season

  • Published
  • By Brian McCandless
  • 509th Logistics Readiness Squadron
The military's summer Permanent Change of Station (PCS) season is in full swing and will last until mid-August. Proper preparation, and a positive attitude, will hopefully help minimize the stress of change.

If a PCS move seems like a daunting task, remember you are not alone. The U.S. Transportation Command's Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command reported the Department of Defense conducted 520,000 moves last year, and about 40 percent of those moves occurred during the summer season.

Experienced in dealing with that volume of movement, the personnel at your local Traffic Management Office (TMO) are ready to assist with all of your PCS needs. Upon receipt of orders, you have the option of scheduling a face-to-face counseling session or you can go to the Defense Personal Property System, accessed via the website,, to register, login and set up your move. Customers will find online training and presentations explaining how to navigate through the move process. In addition, here are some moving tips:

· Diligent planning, attention to detail and flexibility will help lessen the stress that often accompanies a PCS, especially during peak season.

· Once you receive your hardcopy orders, immediately contact TMO or register online to start your move for a better chance to lock in your preferred pick-up and delivery dates.

· Create a personal move calendar with checklists, phone numbers, dates and important web links.

· Ask questions early, either directly to our TMO professionals or by accessing DPS, which can place you in direct contact with your commercial carrier to manage your personal property move. It is extremely important to keep your phone number and e-mail address updated.

· Requested pick-up and delivery dates are not confirmed until you and your commercial carrier mutually agree on the actual pack and pick-up dates.

· Pack, pick-up and delivery dates are normally on weekdays in which you, or your designated representative, must be available from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Longer hours may be required in some cases.

Moving in the summer months is extremely busy for all involved. Please stay flexible and prepare properly so you successfully arrive at your next duty station ready for continued service.

TMO contact numbers
Commercial: 660-687-4118/7082/4125
DSN: 975-4118/7082/4125