Emergency War Order Cycle

  • Published
  • By Col. Eric Single
  • 509th Bomb Wing vice commander
With the completion of last week's Nuclear Surety Staff Assistance Visit, we have begun the nuclear, or Emergency War Order cycle of our wing battle rhythm.

As we continue to maintain our ability to execute the conventional mission, we will shift our focus to achieving excellence on the EWO side of the house in preparation for November's Joint Nuclear Surety Inspection.

The NSSAV gave us a good baseline assessment of our EWO programs, and provided and indication of where we need to concentrate our efforts to ensure the 509th Bomb Wing EWO programs are the best in the command.

Overall, the Air Combat Command team found our focus and commitment to nuclear surety programs "an effective solution to ensure the wing is always prepared to execute its nuclear mission."

Our next wing-level event will be a Nuclear Surety Exercise from Aug. 21-28.

We'll begin the exercise with a new concept: a wing-wide "S3 Day" to facilitate unit-level focus on Safety, Security, and Surety on the first day of the event.

No sorties will be generated or flown that day to enable commanders to conduct a focused unit-level review of the critical safety, security and surety topics that are so important to a successful JNSI.

Wing-level guidelines will be provided for some directed areas of study and review, but for the most part, the day is designed to allow commanders to focus on unit-specific areas of emphasis.

By curtailing some of our normal dayto- day operations, we will be better able to focus on specific aspects of our nuclear surety programs.

The three tenets of Safety, Security, and Surety should be the cornerstones of everything we do, every day.

They make up the framework by which we can operate safely, effectively and efficiently. You can't go wrong if you make the "three S's" part of your daily routine!

The EWO mission is an important part of what the 509th Bomb Wing contributes to America's awesome military power.

The nature of this critical mission dictates an incredible level of attention to detail and perfection in execution.

Your wing leadership and I have great confidence in your ability to achieve this perfection ... after all, there's none finer than a 509-er!