4th of July Holiday Safety Message

  • Published
  • By General John Corley
  • Air Combat COmmand commander
This Independence Day, we celebrate the 233d anniversary of the Continental Congress' approval of the Declaration of Independence -- the act that set the 13 American colonies on a road to national sovereignty. Our forefathers made a difference.

On this 4th of July - we, as an Air Force, are busier than ever. With current operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other operating locations around the world, we are bringing the fight to those who would like to see our nation fail. This is our duty; this is what we volunteered to do for our country as many Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines did before us - and I thank you for your service.

As we celebrate with parades, BBQs, and fireworks, take a few moments and consider the safety risks to you, your family, and friends. Go a step further - and take actions to reduce those risks. While you are enjoying your hard earned time off, keep an eye out for your wingman - and make a difference. Remind them to "buckle-up," give them a ride when needed, and help people avoid those summer mistakes that cost us friends and loved ones every year.

Celebrate the birth of our great nation proudly; remember those currently deployed as well as those who are no longer with us; and help us bring everyone back home safely. Your nation and your family need you here to make a difference.