Morale boost anyone?

  • Published
  • By AIrman 1st Class Piara Macay
  • 509th Contracting Squadron
It's been more than a month since I first heard about the Airmen's Council Morale Committee. I attended an event meeting at the Community Activity Center when I heard some people talking about trips and camping, which to me sounds fun.

I sat listening attentively to what they are discussing. Not a word came out of my mouth. I was clueless on what they are talking about since I have never heard of a committee like that before, but I was excited.

My guess was right; The Morale Committee hasn't been around that long; in fact, it was just established Feb. 24.

Thrilled by the existence of an activity planning team, I contacted Airman 1st Class Yulonda Murphy, Airman's Council secretary and head of the Moral Committee, to learn more.

I asked Airman Murphy what made her suggest that a Morale Committee is needed in the Airman's Council. Her answer was simple.

"It was a personal thing. I saw a need to get everyone involved into something positive like getting Team Whiteman to do things as a family," she said.

She also added that members of the committee make it their personal mission to boost the morale of everyone here at Whiteman.

"It is extremely important to me because I believe that if people's morale is up, they will be very effective in supporting and completing the mission here at Whiteman," explained Airman Murphy.

Encouraged by Airmen looking forward to seeing the areas around Whiteman and finding alternatives to just sitting in their dorm rooms all day, clubbing or drinking, this group of committed individuals already have activities planned two or three months in advance. "

We have a lot of trips this summer!" said Airman Murphy.

Trips and activities planned by the Morale Committee are for every member of Team Whiteman and not just Airmen. It is during trips like these that we get to know more about each other and become more than just co-workers. This is where most bonding starts as a team and as a family.

Future activities planned by the Morale Committee:

May 22: Lake of the Ozarks. Cost $23. Includes barbecue and lunch cruise.

June 12: St. Louis big attractions (City Museum and Arch). Cost $20. Includes all you can eat pizza buffett, cookies and drinks.

July 17: Schlittenbahn Vacation Village, Kansas City. Cost $26 for adults and $23 for children. Includes parking.

Events are open to all Team Whiteman members, you don't need to be a member of the commitee. For questions about how to sign up for the trips or if you are interested in joining the Morale Committee contact Airman Murphy at (660) 687-6744.