509th Bomb Wing validates safe, secure, reliable in Surety Inspection

  • Published
  • By Brigadier General Robert E. Wheeler
  • 509th Bomb Wing commander
509th Warriors,

Two weeks ago, I stood in front of you and laid down exactly what it would take to achieve success in our latest Defense Nuclear Surety Inspection. I pointed out the gravity of what this inspection means for the defense of this nation, and challenged each and every one of you to show nearly 150 inspectors from five different inspection agencies that the 509th Bomb Wing is ready and capable of providing deterrence and global strike operations.

You accepted my challenge and delivered superior performances. I am pleased to say that you completed the toughest, most scrutinized inspection that I have seen in my 26 years of service. Not only did you complete this tough inspection, you've shown that you are capable of accepting the task of special trust and responsibility for the most powerful weapons in our Nation's arsenal.

What did it take? Simply stated, results like this are the reflection of motivated, well-trained Airmen and engaged leadership and incredible support from our partner units - most importantly, the 19th Munitions Squadron played a key role in this inspection.

It took individual responsibility for mission success, critical self-assessment, uncompromising adherence to all directives, superior technical and weapons system expertise, and pride in our nuclear heritage and mission.

Success in this inspection took the focus of the entire team at every level, whether you performed in execution or in support. And it didn't start when the inspectors arrived. You've been giving your best in preparation for this DNSI for several months now. You accepted my challenge of perfection and delivered it - Thank You!

Our success doesn't stop here. The 509th Medical Group recently received the highest grade given in the past seven years for the whole Air Force on their Health Services Inspection; and the 442nd Fighter Wing recently performed exceptionally well in passing their Operational Readiness Inspection. Congratulations, I couldn't be more proud of the focus, spirit and professionalism you displayed.

Our country demands we continuously demonstrate that we're ready to prosecute our mission. The work I've observed and the reports I've received on your performance, whether at home or around the world, have been nothing short of outstanding. This milestone event sends a strong message to our adversaries - the 509th Bomb Wing stands ready to put warheads on foreheads should deterrence fail!

Thank you all and your families for the daily sacrifices you make in the defense of our great nation.