Crime prevention is everyone’s responsibility

  • Published
  • By Jerry Osban
  • 509th Security Forces Squadron
Too many people are caught up in the belief that because they are on a military installation it is automatically more secure than living and working off base.

While it is true there is a measure of security provided by the fence and guards, they are not the only means of protection. Airmen and how they are involved in their community is the primary means of protection.

Unfortunately, being complacent increases the risk of becoming victims of a crime. From leaving buildings unlocked over night to leaving personal items unsecure in backyards, vehicles and gym lockers it is everyone's responsibility to safeguard personal property.
As neighbors and Wingmen, it is our responsibility to help those around us in addition to accomplishing the Air Force mission. Doing the little things such as keeping a look out for a neighbor or co-worker's house when they are out of town makes it harder for someone to commit a crime.

The following are a few tips to help prevent crime:
· Lock your homes and vehicles.
· Don't leave personal property lying around unattended.
· Keep an eye out in your neighborhoods and report suspicious activity to security forces by calling 660-687-3700.
· If you leave home for a few days sign up for Operation Quarters Watch at the 509th SFS Police Services Desk or ask a neighbor to keep a look out.
· Don't post vacation plans via Facebook or other social networking sites. Wait to post pictures when you return home. Thieves watch for people posting extended absences.
· Use timers for lights and have someone pick up your mail, newspapers and mow the lawn so it looks like someone is home.
· Secure government work places -- this is good Operations Security and antiterrorism.
· Above all, know children's location and activities, and always keep those requiring supervision in view.

Look out for one another and be a good neighbor in your community.

For more information on crime prevention, call Jerry Osban at 660-687-4482.