509th BW Commander's message

  • Published
  • By Brig. Gen. John Nichols
  • 509th Bomb Wing commander
Team Whiteman,
The new year presents us opportunities to continue fortifying our Total Force team. Our Airmen perform the mission better than anyone else in the world and the strategic deterrence we provide is key to our nation’s security. Recently we deployed 509th and 131st Airmen along with three B-2s to Guam in support of the Bomber Assurance and Deterrence mission. During this short-term deployment, our Airmen conducted training sorties to integrate capabilities with our joint and combined regional partners. Our efforts provide senior leaders with deterrence options to maintain regional stability and serve as a deterrent to those who would like to attack our way of life. This is at the heart of our mission set -- Strategic Deterrence, Global Strike and Combat Support … anywhere, anytime.

On a related note, I encourage everyone, military and civilian, to read our new 509th Bomb Wing Strategic Plan for 2018. The plan is succinctly written and designed to outline our mission and resonate with our Airmen, civilians, and families. It’s one-stop-shopping for who we are, what we do and how we do it.

As critical as our Airmen are to mission success, the family at home is key to an Airman’s success. To this end, we continue building on our spouse initiatives in order to make our Airmen stronger and more resilient. For example, our Airman Leadership School team will explore a spouse’s day during their curriculum, the Additional Duty First Sergeant course has added a spouse’s orientation as our Key Spouse Program, Heartlink and Newcomers continue to build their programs to reach a larger audience. The “Why You’re Important” Spouses’ Education Initiative will continue throughout 2018 to bridge the communication gap, educate spouses on military life and provide training on issues that affect the home. We are proud that our classes are reaching very large audiences. The next session featuring assignments and developmental special duties is scheduled March 14. Each day features two sessions, 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. with free, on-site childcare at Mission's End. Although many of our spouses do not wear a uniform, we know they serve just the same.

My vision for 2018 is to continue improving our combat lethality, building mission readiness and improving the culture at Whiteman Air Force Base. I look forward to the challenges and opportunities the new year will bring to the 509th Bomb Wing, our tenants and mission partners. We live in a very dynamic time filled with global threats. However, I firmly believe our Airmen’s ability to provide strategic deterrence and their readiness to execute the mission anywhere anytime will help calm these threats and provide stability. The support of the families at home will help our Airmen be prepared and ready, if and when, our leaders call on us. I sincerely appreciate the efforts and sacrifices of all the Striker Airmen and families across Whiteman Air Force Base. Thank you for what you do for our nation and our United States Air Force.