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Outprocessing and medical records

WHITEMAN AIR FORCE BASE, Mo. -- There are a few facts about medical records that military members should know before PCS, retirement or separation.

AFI 41-210 states that active duty members will hand carry their sealed medical records from the losing base to the gaining base upon PCS; dependent's records will be mailed to the gaining base and will not be hand carried by the member.

At PCS time, the active duty member should go to their assigned records section, family practice clinic, flight medicine clinic or pediatric clinic, three days prior to their final out.

A records technician will ask for two copies of their orders and have them complete a records disposition checklist form that will provide information on where their dependents (if any) are going when they PCS. The records staff will consolidate the volumes of the active duty member's outpatient and dental records then give them to the active duty member to hand carry to the gaining base, to be opened only by the records section of the gaining medical unit.

All dependent's records will be collected, bundled and shipped by certified mail to the gaining base specified on the RDC. If family members are not PCSing, their medical records will remain at the 509th Medical Group.

For retiring members enrolled in the Veteran's Affairs Benefits Delivery Discharge/Pre-Discharge Program who are planning to stay in the local area, they will go to release of information and have their medical records flagged for pick up by the Kansas City VA.

The dental records need to be picked up separately and taken to their Command Support Staff. If the retiring member is enrolled in the VA program but will not be staying in the local area, they will pick up their dental records and medical records at their assigned records section, then hand carry them to their CSS.

On the official retirement, the CSS will mail their records to the VA near their retiring location. If the member is not participating in VA programs, the CSS will send the records to the VA in Saint Louis.

Separating members will also pick up their dental records, go to their assigned records section, pick up their medical records and hand carry them to their CSS. The CSS does not take custody of medical records for separating individuals. They are required to bring them to the CSS final out and turn them in to outbound when they do the base final out.

Dependent records of retirees or separating members belong to the Air Force and will not be given to the member. Records will be maintained in outpatient records until the record becomes inactive for more than two years. If the retiree dependent will be living near a military treatment facility and will receive medical care there, the medical record may be requested by that facility for transfer.

A member may request a complete copy of their medical records and their dependents from ROI, but must allow 30 days for copying. Members should not wait until they are ready to drive off Whiteman before stopping by the medical group to get copies of medical records.

Our policies and procedures are in place to provide continuity of care to military members and their family. We want to ensure the most accurate and complete health care possible. If you have questions concerning your medical records, contact Staff Sgt. Kyung Ham at 687-2102.