A-10 Pilot Partners with Angel Flight to “Give Hope Wings”

  • Published
  • By Maj. Shelley Ecklebe
  • 442d Fighter Wing

A-10 pilot, Lt. Col. Gregory “Metro” Stack, from the 442d Operations Group partnered with an organization called Angel Flight to volunteer his off-duty time, resources, and skillset to donate to a cause greater than himself.

Started in August 1995, the non-profit charitable organization Angel Flight Central has – with the help of over 325 volunteer pilots –flown approximately 10 million nautical miles and helped transport 30,000 passengers for medically related needs.

Stack, an active-duty pilot, purchased a Piper Comanche 250 and was looking for a way to enjoy flying while giving back to the community. “My wife, Cristy and I first started volunteering to transport animals in need and that transitioned to finding this organization, Angel Flight, which kind of fell into our hands at the perfect time.”

In 2016, Stack’s 3-year-old niece, Addie, passed away after her fight with hepatoblastoma, a rare cancer that originates in the cells of the liver.

“My sister and brother-in-law live in Colorado, and since Addie’s passing they have raised over $500,000 for hepatoblastoma research, with Addie’s website www.addiesresearch.org, and actively partner with organizations to find cures for childhood cancer. Living in Missouri, there is only so much we can do to support them, and Angel Flight has provided Cristy and me an avenue to remember and honor Addie.”  

The volunteers donate their time, personal airplanes and gas, and other operating expenses to provide a completely free flight to those with a variety of medical needs.  

“Often times, individuals in need of a flight have a specific treatment that is not in the local area,” Stack said, “and being able to pick them up from their local regional airport and take them to that hospital or treatment center has been one small way to encourage that individual to keep fighting while giving back.”

Stack plans to retire in August 2022 and looks forward to continuing to work with Angel Flight for those who need help in the Midwest region for years to come.