Air Force Bombers Conduct Global BTF Mission

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Multiple U.S. Air Force bombers from Europe and the United States conducted an extensive Bomber Task Force mission today, while integrating with NATO Allies and partners’ fighter jets. The mission flew over multiple geographic regions near the eastern-most portion of Europe and the western-most portion of the Pacific Ocean. 

This mission demonstrates the U.S. Defense Department’s ability to command and control its bomber force for any mission, anywhere in the world, at any time, in support of the U.S. National Defense Strategy.

“Today’s Bomber Task Force operation is yet another demonstration of our steadfast commitment to Allies and partners and our collective ability to plan, execute and coordinate multiple complex missions at speed,” said Gen. Tod D. Wolters, commander, U.S. European Command. “All of this is made possible by the vibrant relationships across the NATO Alliance and our enduring commitment to champion the cause of peace through competition and deterrence.”

The B-1 Lancers, B-2 Spirits and B-52 Stratofortresses collectively executed the long-planned mission of exercising their global capability. Planned missions with NATO nations such as today’s mission demonstrate the U.S. and NATO Allies and partners’ shared unity of purpose and credible military capability to preserve peace and defeat any adversary.

The mission involved air forces with NATO Allies Canada, Norway and the United Kingdom.

U.S. European Command remains committed to transparency with all of our exercise activity in the territory of Allies and partners that border Russia. 

Continuing coverage of this deployment will be available the USECOM website at and at: