Mandatory face mask policy to take effect July 3

  • Published
  • By Col. Jeffrey T. Schreiner
  • 509th Bomb Wing Commander

Team Whiteman,

We have recently seen an increase in Covid-19 cases within Missouri, our local counties, and the Whiteman Air Force Base community. As the threat grows, we must improve in our community response. Accordingly, in an effort to continue to prevent the spread of Covid-19, and consistent with the declared Public Health Emergency currently in effect for Whiteman AFB, the following policies are effective Friday, July 3, 2020. 

  1. Face coverings are required to enter Whiteman AFB public facilities. In line with United States Center for Disease Control recommendations, everyone over the age of two will be required to wear a face covering unless a specific exemption has been identified for that facility. 
  2. Group/squadron commanders and Whiteman tenant unit leaders are responsible for strict enforcement of DOD guidance on face covering wear in their work centers.  If 6 feet can’t be consistently maintained, wear a mask.  Short of sitting alone in an office, this will apply to most work centers.
  3. Comply with local county public health policies.  If masks are not required by local authorities, I strongly encourage anyone affiliated with Team Whiteman to wear a mask while visiting indoor facilities off base and not frequent any location or event failing to adhere to social distancing guidelines. When in doubt, turn around and walk out.

Face coverings have been proven to reduce transmission of Covid-19 and are designed to help protect those around you. Local cases have shown that close contact without masks with Covid-19 positive individuals, with or without symptoms, leads to rapid spread—wear one for yourself and your teammates!


  • Children under the age of two should not wear a face covering due to choking/suffocation hazard.
  • Any accompanied minor with a medical condition or mental special needs that makes wearing a face covering difficult or hazardous.
  • Children entering and attending the Whiteman AFB CDC or Youth Center. NOTE:  Parents/caregivers entering these locations must wear a face covering.
  • A face covering must be worn into the Whiteman AFB Fitness Center. Face coverings may be removed while actively performing cardiovascular exercise (running, biking, elliptical). Face coverings should be re-donned after completion of cardiovascular exercise.
  • Face coverings are required at Whiteman AFB pools, however they are not required while actually swimming. 
  • Federal civilian employees who do not own a face covering should immediately inform their commander, in order for their unit to purchase and provide face coverings.  Such employees are exempt from this requirement until such time as face coverings have been provided.
  • Contractors who do not own a face covering should inform their employer.  If their employer is unable to provide face coverings, they should then inform their contracting officer representative.  Such employees are exempt from this requirement until such time as face coverings have been provided by either the employer or the Air Force.

Your continued commitment to fighting the spread of Covid-19 is critical. Everyone is vital to our mission of providing the nation with persistent strategic deterrence and lethal global strike capability. I need you to help protect your wingmen and wear a face covering.

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