Veterinary Clinic keeps animals on Whiteman AFB moving

  • Published
  • By 2nd Lt. Michael Hardy
  • 509th Bomb Wing Public Affairs
The mission at Whiteman Air Force Base requires us all to be ready and fighting fit to accomplish our mission around the world. That mission includes the four-legged furry members of the Team.

The Veterinary Clinic is one of the many assets available to all who serve on base.

 “We service all active members, Reserves, National Guard, Retirees, and it’s not necessary to live on base to use this clinic,” Said Dr. Joanna Kuecker, a veterinarian at the Whiteman AFB Veterinary Clinic.

When asked about the biggest problem that the clinic faces, Dr. Kuecker explained that the people simply don’t know much about it.

The clinic offers many services including vaccines, preventatives, allergy treatments and ultrasounds. The clinic can also answer house calls if needed.

Dr. Kuecker said the vet clinic carries two medicines that can play a key role in keeping pets safe during spring and summer seasons.

Bravecto is a tick prevention medication that lasts for three months and Cytopoint is an allergy relief medicine.

Staff Sgt. Juana Ponce, a vet tech at the clinic, describes the clinic as family friendly and supportive of PCSing overseas.

Ponce explained that she is home in evenings and on weekends that allow her to be with family and friends.

The clinic provides health certificates, which are an important part of taking animals to a new base and traveling overseas with them. The certificates prove pets are free of infectious diseases and are up to date on immunizations.

Additionally, the clinic also has a PCS brief for pet owners to answer any question they have.

Ponce explained that one of the clinics additional duties is to check the animal’s safety at other offices on base, such as the Youth Center that have animals and check the living conditions and health of the animals to ensure they are safe for kids to interact with.

The clinic also takes care of the dogs used by Security Forces to ensure they are fighting fit.

“Providing medical care to the working dogs and making them ready to deploy is a good part of the job,” said Staff Sgt. Juana Ponce, a vet tech at the clinic, about working at the clinic.

She said she feels like she is making a difference for all.

The Whiteman Air Force Base clinic offers two important briefs for all airmen here at Whiteman:

New comer’s brief: This brief is a short introduction of our clinic and the services available to the service members. I also provide them with off base emergency clinic information, boarding facilities and groomers since we do not provide those services here.

Plan My Move Brief: This brief is for out processing service members. I discuss basic information/ requirements for pets traveling overseas or within the US. We handle all paper work and guide the service member step by step to get the pets to their next duty station.

Both briefs are coordinated with the Airmen & Family Readiness Center. Contact them at 660-687-7132

Did You Know
  •  Open Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 3:30. Clinic closes at 3 pm on Fridays.
  • Clinic is located at 900 Perimeter Road, Bldg. 1732 on Whiteman AFB. Phone number is 660-687-2667.
  • The clinic has a new email! Contact them at
  • Clinic doesn’t offer surgeries or dental work.