Educational Opportunities

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Information about Basic Education Grants is available through the local college representatives and the FAFSA Web site. 


AFIADL offers courses in three general categories. The categories are: Professional Military Education (PME), Specialized Courses, and Career Development Courses(CDC). PME courses are directed toward officers and NCO's to aid them in their professional development. Specialized courses focus on technical and special subjects useful in many career fields. 

CDCs contain vital information for each career field. Voluntary enrollment into CDCs in the student's Air Force Specialty Code is contingent upon approval of the student's squadron commander. CDCs can be purchased for studying purposes. CDC's may be used to keep up with new changes to the career field and/or to study for WAPS testing. 

The package will include all Volume Review Exercises (VRE). However, tests will not be available since credit for upgrade training was received when the CDC was first initiated. 

AFIADL courses are available to active duty personnel, ANG, AF Reserves, Civil Service employees, Non­Appropriated Fund employees, and volunteer workers sponsored by the Air Force. For more information go to the AFIADL web page.


Area School Districts

For more information about local area school districts surronding Whiteman Air Force Bas, visit Whiteman's Newcomers' page


Education Office

The Base Training and Education Services Center located within The Whiteman Professional Developoment Center offers many education opportunities including associate, bachelor and master degree programs. 

The guidance counselors and educational specialists are available Mondays-Thursdays 7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. and Fridays from 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m., to assist military personnel, family members and DOD civilian employees in meeting their Professional Military Education (PME), vocational and educational goals. Counseling services are available by appointment (687-5750).

On-Base Colleges/Universities

: SFCC at Whiteman offers a general education curriculum to complete an associates degree program as well as the first 2 years of higher education if you plan to transfer to a 4­-year school. 

SFCC offers many courses in general studies, management, and job-related areas that are required for the Community College of the Air Force degree program. Courses are also offered that meet the prerequisites of the Airman Education and Commissioning Program. Counseling services are available to aid students in planning their studies. 

For more information, visit the SFCC on­-base office in Bldg. 515 (Professional Development Center), Room 246 or call (660) 563­-3358. 

PARK UNIVERSITY: Park University at Whiteman AFB offers five bachelor of science degree programs. Some of the courses at Park transfer to CCAF. The Park University staff at Whiteman will help you with financial aid, career counseling and class scheduling. 

For more information, call (660) 563-­2846 or stop by the Park University office in Bldg. 515 (Professional Development Center), Room 245. 

WEBSTER UNIVERSITY: Webster University offers three Master of Arts degrees and a Master of Business Administration degree on WAFB. 

Additional information may be obtained by contacting the Webster University site representative at (660) 563-­2006 or by stopping by the Webster University office in Bldg. 515 (Professional Development Center), Room 244.

Local Colleges/Universities

WARRENSBURG VOCATIONAL TECHNICAL SCHOOL: WVTS is located in Warrensburg, 9 miles from WAFB. It offers a wide variety of adult evening classes. Classes such as auto maintenance, welding, computer programming, bookkeeping, shorthand and others are available. The WVTS phone number is a (660) 747-­2283. 

NON­TRADITIONAL EDUCATION: A variety of degrees and college courses are available through External Degree programs, correspondence courses, video college classes, satellite courses, etc. If you are interested in a class or a degree program not offered on base, the BTES counselors can help you design an individual program to meet your needs.