• Prior approval required for urgent care

    TRICARE Prime beneficiaries enrolled at military treatment facilities are now required to obtain prior approval from their primary care manager before seeking afterhours, out-of-area or urgent care treatment. This policy applies to active duty family members, retirees, and family members of

  • ARMS available at Whiteman: Base is first in ACC to reach full

    Airmen no longer have to come to the military personnel flight to get copies of paperwork found in the unit personnel record group. At the end of February, the MPF undertook an intensive initiative to screen 3,446 active duty military UPRGs in preparation for electronic conversion. Twelve active

  • Remembering six Airmen who gave their lives

    Whiteman lost six Airmen June 11, 1982, when their UH-1F Iroquois helicopter crashed in a rural area 30 miles south of Kansas City. The two pilots from Detachment 9 of the 37th Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Squadron, and four security policemen, from the 352nd Missile Security Squadron, were

  • Housing distant memories forever

    More than 18,000 families were able to find a place to call home before Carol DesCombes, 509th Civil Engineer Squadron, retired here today. The housing manager, who has led Airmen to shelter for more than 18 years, is inspired by a father she hardly remembers, her family who have motivated her and

  • Eclipsing the 1,000-hour mark: B-2 pilot joins select group

    It takes years for a B-2 pilot to fully master the skills necessary to employ one of the world's most powerful weapon systems. And in the B-2 community reaching 1,000 flying hours is a milestone few have achieved. "A pilot reaching 1,000 flying hours in the B-2 is a significant landmark for the