• Smoke-free dorms: Exploring the possbilities

    As we approach June and the implementation of our new smoke free dorm policy, the lives of our dorm residents, smokers and non-smokers alike are about to change ... perhaps forever. For most non-smokers and a few smokers, it may be seen as a time to celebrate. Some smokers may consider it an

  • 509th Bomb Wing earns ‘Outstanding’ CORI rating

    The Air Combat Command inspector general announced Sunday the 509th Bomb Wing received an "outstanding" grade for their recent conventional operations readiness inspection. During the outbrief, ACC IG members said they were "truly impressed with the professionalism, devotion and dedication to the

  • Air Force smart operations in full swing

    Manpower reductions, leaner budgets and increased operations tempo have led to major changes in the way we do business throughout the Air Force and the 509th Bomb Wing. Many of these changes are coming quickly and in order to keep up we must rely on something called Air Force Smart Operations for

  • Key to energy reduction lies within

    You are the most important factor in energy conservation reduction at Whiteman Air Force Base and at your own home, whether on or off base. Without your input and actions no reduction can be accomplished. You have to become aware of how your actions affect everyone. By becoming energy aware you can

  • Whiteman kids ‘deploy’ in Operation Spirit

    Operation Spirit kicked off with an 8 a.m. phone call, which recalled more than 90 children to the deployment center Saturday. Operation Spirit was a simulated deployment designed to give children of 'deployed' and 'deployable' members the experience of what their parents must do prior to leaving