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  • Wingtip-to-wingtip: Join spouse pilot couple sticks together through career, life and flight

    Their last flight at Whiteman Air Force Base was supposed to be special.U.S. Air Force Captains Lacey and Stephen Orians planned on commemorating their departure and final scheduled training missions, their so-called fini-flights, at the same time. Together, they looked forward to symbolically waving goodbye to their teammates, unit and former home
  • Indiana State University AFROTC Det. 218 tours Whiteman AFB, enlightens future AF officers

    Team Whiteman officers provided mentorship and career field insight to 28 Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps cadets, during a base tour, March 3-4.The AFROTC is a recruitment program aimed to develop Air Force leaders of tomorrow who will go on to fulfill the mission, represent its core values and live up to the rich AFROTC history. Team
  • A pilot’s proposal that’s out of this world

    It is not every day someone receives a proposal from outer space, but on Aug. 31, 2019, Capt. Stuart Shippee, a B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber pilot from the 393rd Bomb Squadron, used his piloting knowledge to take his marriage proposal to the next atmospheric level by using a weather balloon.The idea took form when Shippee saw others use weather
  • Whiteman AFB graduates 10th ever female stealth bomber pilot

    Capt. Lauren Kram graduated from Initial Qualification Training, making her the tenth woman to become a B-2 Spirit pilot, Oct. 4.In the B-2’s 30-year history, only 498 pilots have qualified to fly the long-range stealth bomber aircraft. The first female pilot to fly the B-2 was retired Lt. Col. Jennifer “Wonder” Avery. She was the 278th pilot to