Base motorcycle club helps local children

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Jeffrey Richards
  • Green Knights Motorcycle Club
So for three years now we, the Green Knights Motorcycle Club have tried to get some kind of Toy Run started. But to no avail it has fallen apart every year, for one reason or another. Usually because it was always presented as just another toy run among the many other toy runs that people were already loyal too. 

This year Green Knights Chapter 13 was to make their mark, and stand out from the rest. In our meeting we discussed trying something new, something for the kids. Not something for the riders and the kids get a toy out of it. Pretty soon one idea spurred another and low and behold we had it. Something we think is going to stand out among all the toy drives and charity runs. We even coined a new acronym "GKAY"- GREEN KNIGHTS for AMERICAS YOUTH. 

We contacted a local children's home here in Missouri and spelled out our plan to them. 

They were so excited, which only put the pressure on us to make this thing succeed. I'd be lying if didn't tell you I was nervous at first, heck all the way to end! 

Within a week we had received a card from each of the 35 children at the home. This card had their name, age, sex, hobbies and a list of four gifts they wanted for Christmas. We had a meeting and charted out the gifts, our goal was to make sure each kid on the list received one of their gifts on their list. 

Mean while we also were coordinating the use of a local Skate Rink and Indoor Mini Golf establishment in the nearby town. And we worked deals with the local Pizza Hut for some pizzas. Everything looked good. 

We ran two toy drives at the BX and the support was overwhelming. We hit up organizations such as the Top Three, Tier 2, and First Sergeants... ect. Everyone wanted to help out 20 bucks here, 10 there, a toy here and there. Before you knew it we had blown our goals right out of the water! We had 140 toys! Then the home called they had received another little girl last minute, but no worries, we had cash. So we purchased all her toys too! 

Then the worst happened, the night of the event, Missouri gets one of the worst ice storms in recent history. We had to scramble to get a make up date, and then make sure all the key players could attend the new date. Our Santa thought he was going to have to bail on us, but with a little scheduling magic we were back in action for one week later. 

The night of our event went off without a hitch! Our Santa was spot on! We put a smile on 40 kids faces (we planned ahead and had a few extra gifts), and they all had a night to remember. We had kids ages 4 mos. to 17 and they all got along great and we were there to see it! Instant gratification, but then the kids came up and personally thanked us for putting such a great party for them. The foster parents all thanked us, one told this was the best thing anyone has ever done for the children. She commented on great it was that we intermingled with the kids. Almost hard to hold back the emotions because, we had felt the same way. 

Now if we could just find a way to be there Christmas morning too! See we didn't give all the presents, nope. We only gave them a single present on this special night. We delivered the remaining 115 gifts to the home the next day so the children would have something to open on Christmas morning. 

Did we ride? Sure some of us did. But it wasn't about us; it was all about the children! We didn't go home with miles, we went home with smiles!