Building our future…with Legos

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Jovan Banks
  • 509th Bomb WIng Public Affairs
This year marks the first year that a FIRST® LEGO® Robotics team has been assembled at Whiteman AFB. The team will have the opportunity to present at a national level, not only the creation of their robotics but also their idea as a solution to a real-world problem.
Applicants for the team were selected based on A written essay on why they should you be on Whiteman’s FIRST® LEGO® League team.
As the team gathered for the second time Aug. 31, 2017, members had the opportunity to present their ideas for the second phase of the competition, the solution.
“Team members had to come up with a solution based on this year’s them hydrodynamics,” said Kimberly O'Brien, the Whiteman AFB youth programs teen director. “Our team will be judged on their presentation about the solution to a water problem, core values, and robot design.”
Each solution, predetermined by the theme of the competition, had to involve a hydrodynamic factor.
“Dams are changing our ecosystems,” said Simon, a member of the robotics team. “We could create hydro generators in waterfalls to create energy and place screens over the generators to protect animals in the waters.”
Some ideas surrounded environmental issues, others stemmed from current events that are affecting the lives of people.
“My idea is that we drain and filter water after hurricanes,” said Charlotte, a member of the robotics team. “Once the water is filtered we can store it or transport it to areas of drought.”
The season of the league will run from August until January and possibly longer if the team qualifies for the next round. The team meets every Thursday at the Youth Center to plan and further build on the team’s robot.
As the team goes on to their first competition they will be tasked to perform autonomous “missions” on a Lego playing field. With the coaches and mentors to guide them, FIRST® LEGO® League teams apply science, engineering, and math concepts to develop solutions to real-world challenges.