• Whiteman Airman innovates, develops smart maintenance floor mat to prevent FOD

    Foreign object debris can come from a variety of sources and presents a major hazard to aircraft around the world, costing the aviation industry an estimated $4 billion in repairs each year.One Team Whiteman member took it upon himself to try to prevent these maintenance costs after learning about the risks of FOD and the importance of having good
  • Two A-10C Thunderbolt II jet engine mechanics assist NASCAR’s Kansas Speedway

    Weather in the Midwest is unpredictable and even the slightest accumulation of moisture on the track can pose a major risk to NASCAR drivers on race day. To combat unwanted moisture, the racetrack is cured with a dryer attached to the bed of a truck that blasts hot air via jet engines straight onto the track. With a slight chance of rain in the forecast for the highly anticipated Buschy McBush Race 400, a broken dryer, contracted repair team unavailable, and the closest spare multiple states away, the Kansas Speedway reached out to the 442d Fighter Wing for assistance.
  • 476th Fighter Group deputy commander recalls lessons learned as POW

    “I said goodbye to myself because I thought I was a dead man.”As a young first lieutenant, Lt. Col. Rob “Sweetness” Sweet, never thought he’d have to live a nightmare. But that’s just what happened when Sweet, now the deputy commander of the 476th Fighter Group at Moody Air Force Base, Georgia, became a prisoner of war in 1991.On his 30th mission
  • B-21 Flight Test aircraft build progresses while B-21 Combined Test Force takes shape

    Gen. Timothy Ray, the Commander of Air Force Global Strike Command and Air Forces Strategic-Air, U.S. Strategic Command, visited several organizations across the bomber test enterprise to receive first-hand updates on the progress of the B-21 program during a visit to Edwards Air Force Base and Plant 42, in California, May 5-6.
  • Off into the wild blue yonder: OSS Airmen take to the air

    Less than 4% of active-duty U.S. Air Force members are pilots, however, it takes hard work and dedication from the other 96% to ensure the safety, readiness, and operability of a successful mission.Not everyone gets a chance to take to the air, even in the world’s greatest Air Force.In an effort to familiarize Airmen with the aircraft they support,