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  • Boxed and ready to roll

    “There’s a way to do it better -- find it!”
  • Whiteman sets the bar for Alpha Warrior

    No mud. No miles. No mercy. A total of 38 people put their physical and mental abilities to the test during the Alpha Warrior Challenge at Whiteman Air Force Base (AFB), Missouri, July 22, 2017, with seven competitors finishing the battle rig completely.
  • New Air Force health mobile app available for patients

    The Air Force Medical Service has launched a new mobile app to connect Airmen and patients to news and information about the AFMS. The new app is a mobile version of the AFMS website, and lets users customize their experience based on the Air Force military treatment facility (MTF) they use. This way, patients can get information about clinic
  • "Readin' la vida loca"

    Nearly 50 eager children sit in a circle with their legs crossed, staring up at the pictures and listening to the story being read to them. After story time is over, the children scream and jump with excitement because it’s time for crafts. Shiny stickers, colorful markers, velvet ribbons and plenty of glitter keep the children entertained and allow their creative juices to flow.
  • Easy way to medical aid

    It’s 8 p.m. and you’re running low on a prescription. You need a new refill for the medication, but can’t call the clinic’s appointment line until the morning.
  • Bring on the heat: 509th firefighters win big

    This year, two of Whiteman’s finest competed in Elkhart, Indiana, taking the gold in two different categories. U.S. Air Force Master Sgt. Cory McGee, the 509th Civil Engineer Squadron fire protection flight assistant chief of safety, took first place in an individual event and Chris Finkes, a firefighter of the 509th Civil Engineer Squadron, and McGee placed first in the team Tandem Event. The Tandem Event times two competitors from the same department, county, fire district or agency’s ability to complete all five FFCC evolutions collectively on the course
  • B-2 Wrap-up: Static gets wrap finish

    Refinishing a static display is a lot like detailing a car. While Senior Airman Courtlin Rowland, a low observable (LO) maintainer with the 509th Maintenance Squadron (MXS), spent a week in the cold polishing and waxing the mini B-2 static display at the entrance of Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri, he started brainstorming a long-term fix for the sun bleached paint.
  • Ready for a challenge

    While Whiteman’s daily mission continues as normal on the other side of the fence, members of an elite squad from the 509th Munitions Squadron (MUNS) have been practicing day in and day out in the hot summer sun, preparing for the 2017 Air Force Global Strike Challenge.
  • Ready for anything: 1-135th AHB deploys to National Training Center

    Soldiers wake up at the crack of dawn, dust themselves off from their sandy cot–if they were lucky enough to have one, and throw on full battle rattle. They rip open their favorite MRE and hope they can finish it before the attacks begin.
  • Don’t let ticks ruin your summer

    As warmer weather approaches, people spend more time outdoors. From neighborhood barbecues to hiking and camping, people are making the most of the warmer weather. However, Missouri has a plethora of insects that will also enjoy people being outside, especially the tick!