From the zoo to Missouri Air National Guard blue

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Traci Payne
  • 131st Bomb Wing Public Affairs
For one Missouri Air National Guardsman, life as a Citizen-Airman is far from the wilds of her civilian career.

Airman Casey Self, a zookeeper at the Kansas City Zoo, joined the 131st Bomb Wing to expand her resume from taking care of animals on land and water to people in the sky, as well.

"When I moved to the Kansas City area and learned more about Whiteman Air Force Base through friends stationed there, I realized that I had a great opportunity right in front of me," Self said. "That's when I decided to enlist in the Air National Guard. Serving my country and being a part of such a great team, I feel like I will help make a difference in people's lives."

Self, who enlisted as an aviation resource management technician with the 131st, has already demonstrated the potential for a long and successful career, said her recruiter, Tech. Sgt. Jason Jones.

"Airman Self has shown herself to be an outstanding addition to the 131st through her strong work ethic and dedication," Jones said. "She has demonstrated leadership qualities that will be strengthened throughout her Air Force training and benefit the Missouri Air National Guard for years to come."

While Self's dream was to work with animals, she had another goal: to serve her country. Self said she has wanted to serve since she was a child, and participated in Junior ROTC during high school. She considered enlisting during her senior year, but ultimately decided to take another path.

An Illinois native, she knew from a young age she wanted to spend her life working with animals.

"It wasn't until I started to study applied animal behavior that I realized that I wanted to be an animal trainer," Self said. "In the zoo world, the zookeepers are the animal trainers so that's why I decided to pursue a career in zoo-keeping."

She graduated from the University of Illinois in 2009 with a degree in animal science. From there, Self began a series of internships and jobs that moved her around the country, gaining experience along the way. Almost a year ago, she accepted a position at the Kansas City Zoo.

The new job came with a significant amount of responsibility.

"My responsibilities as a zookeeper encompass everything that has to do with the welfare of the animals in my section, the Ruwenzori area," Self said. "We are responsible for the section of the African exhibits that house the chimpanzees, hippos, leopard tortoises, African wild dogs, baboons and slender-snouted crocodiles."

The years spent working in her current civilian career field will make her a better, more responsible Airman, Self said. Though her specific civilian job responsibilities may seem far out of the realm of military tasks, Self said the environment she works in has prepared her well for her duties as a Citizen-Airman.

"My job in the Air National Guard will be aviation resources management, where I will be supporting the pilots [as they] fly the B-2s," Self said. "We have a very labor-intensive, fast-paced, high-tempo job that is also very rewarding."

Going from the zoo to Missouri Air National Guard blue, Self's story is a testament to never giving up on a dream. She is currently awaiting dates for basic training and technical school, and is excited for the challenges ahead of her.

"I'm thankful for the flexibility that being in the Air National Guard provides for reaching all of my career goals," Self said. "I feel like everything has fallen into place and this is where I have always wanted to be."

Aviation resource management is just one of many technical jobs offered by the Air National Guard. To explore the opportunities and benefits of belonging to the Missouri Air National Guard, contact the 131st Bomb Wing recruiting office at 660-687-7420.