Whiteman Family Advocacy Program offers course for divorcing families

WHITEMAN AIR FORCE BASE, Mo. -- Military families go through all kinds of stressful events, from deployments to long working hours and displacement from extended family and friends. Unfortunately there is a high rate of divorce associated with the military as well.

In order to help prevent any un-needed emotional stress on families experiencing divorce, the Whiteman Family Advocacy Program offers a free, one-hour course called "You, your children, and divorce."

Topics covered in the course include: how to agree on child-raising, helping children succeed after a divorce, normal developmental stages and characteristics, language to avoid, and symptoms children may develop.

"Everybody who has children and is getting a divorce needs to go to this class," said Jeannine Johnson, Whiteman Family Advocacy Outreach manager. "It is required by law in the state of Missouri and many other states."

While no legal advice is offered, "You, your children and divorce" covers most of the topics important to families while going through the process of divorce.

"I know families who go through this process will be a little bit more emotionally stable after going to this class," Ms. Johnson said.

For more information, contact the family advocacy program at (660) 687-4342.