Whiteman civilian pregnancy requirements

WHITEMAN AIR FORCE BASE, Mo., -- Did you know that Whiteman civilian employees who are pregnant require a work area evaluation for potential duty restrictions designed to protect them and their unborn chlid?

Because of their higher vulnerability during the first trimester of pregnancy, it's important to identify potential workplace exposures or hazards immediately.  All civilian employees, who have a confirmed positive pregnancy test, must be referred directly to Public Health by their supervisor or to the Women's Health Clinic. PH will interview the employee to verify job description and potential duty hazards that might affect both mother and child.

Bioenvironmental Engineering Flight will follow-up on information provided to PH by the employee and her supervisor in order to ensure all potential hazards and/or exposures are evaluated properly.

Once hazards or exposures are confirmed, PH will incorporate recommendations into a civilian profile letter that is forwarded to flight medicine for signatures, serving as documentation for any duty restrictions. Three copies of this letter will be provided to the patient for distribution to self, supervisor, and civilian provider.

Supervisors need to ensure this information is disseminated to all staff members and the proper steps are being followed to protect the health of our civilian employees and their unborn children. For more information, call PH at (660) 687-4309.