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  • Don't stand in someone else's shadow

    Walking around base, you will see several first sergeants, but have you noticed this one in particular? He is five feet, seven inches tall, with a Mr. Clean appearance and a presence that lights up a room.No matter the rank, he snaps to attention, arms straight down the seam of his pants, heels together at a 45-degree angle, listening to Airmen and
  • A first sergeant's job is never done

    Whenever an Airman needs help with their personal well-being or requires counseling or guidance for not living up to the core values, they come to the person with the diamond on his or her chevrons. Master Sgt. Trapper Otto, 509th Security Forces Squadron's first sergeant, is one of these "diamond sharp" individuals. Originally a hydraulics
  • Demand Reduction keeps Whiteman running

    The 509th Bomb Wing Demand Reduction Program at Whiteman Air Force Base has been operating for 20 years to ensure Whiteman succeeds in keeping the community safe and the environment drug-free."We randomly test civilian and military personnel for drugs," said James Sales, 509th Bomb Wing demand reduction program manager. Some of the types of testing
  • Adding to the family

    When a new family member arrives, there are a multitude of different feelings ranging from love to excitement. For one Whiteman family, their multitude of love and excitement was multiplied by two.Master Sgt. Jay Scoda, 509th Maintenance Squadron special section chief, along with his wife Trina, recently adopted 13-year-old Iryna, and 5-year-old
  • Leading by example: Master Sgt. Josef Albert

    Twelve years ago, Senior Airman Josef Albert was in Airman Leadership School learning the finer points of being a supervisor and an NCO in the world's greatest Air Force.Today, Master Sergeant Albert is commandant of Whiteman's Airman Leadership School, and was recently named Air Force Global Strike Command's 2013 Senior NCO of the Year, earning
  • The award triad: dedication, hard work and selflessness!

    Air Force Global Strike Command recently announced its 2013 Airmen of the Year, and among them was one of Whiteman's finest.Tech. Sgt. Christopher Kitts, 509th Operations Support Squadron aircrew flight equipment quality assurance, was recognized as the Global Strike NCO of the Year for his outstanding achievements over the course of the year."I
  • Ground Power Leads To Air Power!

    The loud purr from generators and steady grind of electrical drills are muffled through bright yellow ear plugs. Intense noise, oil stained boots, and proud faces are elements displaying the efforts of dedicated Airmen working 24/7, supporting Whiteman's air power by providing ground power."We take care of all the ground support equipment the crew
  • Refueled and ready to go!

    For many years, fuel has been a vital source behind multiple forms of transportation mobility. This source is an important piece to the Whiteman mission because the base and the B-2 Spirit's success depend on it to keep the mission going.The 509th Logistics Readiness Squadron's fuel management flight works 24/7 to equip the aircraft with Jet-A
  • The key to destruction

    When engaging in a combat mission against the enemy our combat aircraft must be equipped with reliable munitions, ready to deploy at a moment's notice. Without munitions, combat aircraft are simply static displays. The Airmen of the 509th Munitions Squadron conventional maintenance section are responsible for building, testing, and maintaining the
  • Whiteman firefighters turn-up the heat

    A dark smoke-filled house is set ablaze. The high-pitched symphony of sirens reverberates in the distance. The echo of stomping boots sprinting toward the monstrous inferno. The cool, calm facial expressions worn by firefighters portray bravery and determination as they prepare to extinguish the blazing terror.To many people this compares to a