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  • Chaplain assistants: Here for all Airmen, all faiths

    Tech. Sgt. Lukas Bartels started off his Air Force career as a command post controller. After six years, he was ready for a change. He had encountered chaplain assistants before, and he knew the job involved caring for people and helping them through tough times in their lives.Inspired by senior enlisted leaders talking about the importance of
  • Under pressure, Airman delivers

    Most baby delivery stories seem to follow the same generic, almost preset story-line. The mother beings the early stages of labor, heads to the hospital, begins her contractions, then some odd amount of hours later, baby is born.However, for one Whiteman Airman and his family, their baby story followed a slightly different script.On July 20, 2014,
  • From the Frontlines: Tech. Sgt. Jeremy Miller

    After serving five consecutive deployments in five years, one Airman left for a sixth deployment, leaving his wife behind to care for their six-month-old child.Tech. Sgt. Jeremy Miller, 509th Civil Engineer Squadron explosive ordnance disposal NCO in charge, left for a deployment to Southwest Asia Sept. 1, 2013 and returned May 1, 2014."It was
  • EGRESS: The perfection of ejection

    The 509th and 131st Maintenance Squadron egress shop works hand-in-hand, maintaining each B-2's egress system to ensure they function properly for pilot safety. "We swap out the emergency equipment, maintain all explosive time changes and ensure there are no defects on the ejection seats," said Staff Sgt. Paul Blake, 509th MXS egress system
  • Teaching Dads "The Basics"

    On a late night, emergency ambulance services respond to an incident at base housing. They arrive on scene to find a four-week old infant lying cold and motionless.His skin has a black and blue tint. His face is swollen and unrecognizable, due to Shaken Baby Syndrome, which is the "leading cause of death in abusive head trauma cases," according to
  • A job 'weld' done

    Sparks fly, metal grinds and heat radiates from heavy machinery as Airmen from the 442nd Maintenance Squadron metals technology shop prepare their products for the Warthogs.In addition to welding metals for the A-10s the shop prepares a wide variety of metals for different base agencies."We make and repair aerospace ground equipment," said Staff
  • Whiteman Tower: Eyes on the Skies

    When you are flying an aircraft, there are many things you must remain aware of, and even Team Whiteman's pilots need help navigating all the hurdles within the airspace.Helping pilots navigate theses hurdles are the Airmen from the 509th Operations Support Squadron air traffic control tower. The Airmen watch and examine the airspace, mitigating
  • You've got mail: Postal Airmen deliver a little piece of home

    Care packages, online orders and letters are the little things Airmen at Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan look forward to while deployed. The 455th Expeditionary Communications Squadron mail clerks work daily to boost morale by delivering little pieces of happiness for Airmen throughout the wing."My favorite part of the job is seeing people's faces
  • Prescription: Joy in Treating Whiteman

    The 509th Medical Support Squadron Pharmacy Element works behind the scenes to provide cures to fight against many common ailments and keep the base populous in good health.The Pharmacy element processes 125,000 prescriptions per year for active duty members, dependents, and retirees. Pharmacy technicians counsel patients on what their medications
  • Inspired command chief motivates others

    If you have not yet gotten a chance to spend time with our new command chief as he zig zags around base meeting Airmen, brace yourself. Chief Master Sgt. Shawn Drinkard, 509th Bomb Wing command chief, is a very passionate, extremely energetic, and highly motivated leader who loves to get shoulder-to-shoulder with the Airmen while they provide