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  • PREP: "What's right with your relationship?"

    Each grade in school teaches students to build on existing foundations for the next course and relationships aren't any different. To help build relationships, the Family Advocacy office offers the Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program, a course intended to give its pupils the tools they need to advance a current relationship. "The PREP
  • Manage TRICARE Prime Online with BWE

    Looking for an easy way to manage your TRICARE Prime enrollment? Eligible service members and their family can do just that by using the Beneficiary Web Enrollment (BWE) Web site.  Through BWE, you can:  Enroll in Prime Make your initial enrollment fee payment Choose a primary care manager (PCM)* Update personal information and DEERS
  • Parents at the front line against kids’ obesity

    According to the Journal of American Medicine, nearly 32 percent of American children between 2 and 19 need to lose weight to avoid chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.  Military families aren't exempt; a 2005 survey reported that nearly 20 percent of Department of Defense teenagers are obese. Obesity means an individual is more
  • Survivor: Military spouse redefines the meaning

    The word "survivor" is often attached to many groups of people. Specifically in the military, survivor often refers to servicemembers returning from deployments to hostile territories. Not all survivors wear the military uniform, instead, they are the family members left behind. Tish Evans, wife of Staff Sgt. Chad Evans, 509th Aircraft Maintenance
  • Parent support program helps budding families

    A new addition to any family brings both happiness and stress. As new parents adapt to life with a baby, they are often concerned with making the right choices for their little bundle of joy. To help young military families adjust to their new lives, the Whiteman Family Advocacy Outreach Program offers the New Parent Support Program,  an in-home
  • New addition to HAWC is ready to rock

    There is a new voice in the gym. Motivating Airmen to perspire and work toward a higher level of physical fitness. "Do work," he shouts, while encouraging his trainees to improve. Nathan Berkley, a student at the University of Central Missouri and an Army Reserve Officer Training Corps cadet, arrived at the Health and Wellness Center recently to
  • Middle-east bound and down, loaded up and trucking

    Commuting by motor vehicle is something people may take for granted, operating cars and trucks almost robotically, going here and there to conduct business each day. For the Airmen of the 509th Logistics Readiness Squadron Vehicle Operations, driving is their profession. A job they must sometimes complete while dodging roadside bombs and
  • After your breast cancer diagnosis: What Next?

    "You have breast cancer." A diagnosis of breast cancer can be one of the most terrifying experiences of a person's life. Even if you're expecting it, you're braced for it and you're simply waiting for the confirmation, not much else in the world can change your life as completely as those four words. In such a trying time, it's good to have the
  • Whiteman Airman impacts local community

    Service Before Self is a one of three core values instilled in every U.S. Air Force Airman. Charged with this principle, many Whiteman Airmen take it upon themselves to make a difference in the local community. Lt. Col. Tony Monetti, 13th Bomb Squadron Acting Director of Operations, is one such Airman. Recently called out of retirement,
  • History in the making

    Whiteman Airmen make history every day; but, their stories would be lost in a sea of information if it wasn't for one Air Force civilian here. Dr. Margaret DePalma, 509th Bomb Wing Historian, crafts the details of their stories every day, forever documenting their place in Whiteman's history. "The primary objective of an Air Force historian is to