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  • Rewarded by running

    Trying to control his breathing whilehis heart is pounding, blood is pumpingand sweat is streaming down his face ashe pushes himself to run faster and longer.Running to his limit and not stopping untilhe reaches his goal. He knows that hewill reach it today. Telling himself that hewon’t leave the

  • The peak of fitness

    The trail forced them to walk slowly, taking 6 inch steps, and continuously look down at their feet. They were in a tunnel of mile-high mountains, so high they couldn’t see the sky without straining their necks. Car-sized boulders, blistering cold and slow-moving clouds surrounded them.

  • 13th Bomb Squadron: “Appropriating” planes once again

    On June 14th, 2017, the 13th Bomb Squadron (BS) “The Grim Reapers” turned 100. Yes, 100 years old. They have participated in every major conflict since World War I and are one of the more storied squadrons in the Air Force. That’s not to say they didn’t go through their rough and tough adolescent

  • Train together, fight together

    “I still remember the first time I saw the B-2 Spirit,” said Royal Air Force (RAF) Squadron Leader Wesley “Wild” Pead, a 13th Bomb Squadron assistant director of operations. He was participating in combat training operations in the RAF Tornado GR4 at a Red Flag exercise at Nellis Air Force Base,

  • The road less traveled: All-female team guides Team Whiteman

    For the first time in Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri, history all three top enlisted positions on base are held by female Airmen. These women have spent their careers breaking stereotypes and restrictions put on female service members and now hold prominent positions in the Air Force.These three

  • Brothers in arms

    For many American families, children turn 18, head to college, move away and may only see their families once a year, if that. For those in the military or with a sibling in the military, it may be even less than that.Unlike these families, the Moensters had the opportunity to be in the same place

  • JBMDL KC-10 refuels Whiteman B-2 Spirit

    JOINT BASE MCGUIRE-DIX-LAKEHURST, N.J.  -- A KC-10 Extender from Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, N.J., refuels a B-2 Spirit from Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri, March 6. Tankers are critical to U.S. Strategic Command, and Air Mobility Command is the only Air Force command with trained Airmen

  • Fitness ‘sanctuary’ for families

    Sanctuary is often defined as a place of worship and a place to take refuge. Fitness enthusiasts who seek a ‘sanctuary’ to practice their craft often find themselves in a common place of ‘worship’—the fitness center.

  • The ER is too far

    An emergency can happen anytime, to anyone, anywhere, but not all emergencies require an Emergency Room (ER) visit. Some can be treated at a local urgent care center (UCC).

  • First car helps build solid foundation

    Gripping the steering wheel and taking a deep breath, he inhaled the new car scent. After months of walking from place to place, the Airman finally had a vehicle to call his own.On July 25, 2016, U.S. Air Force Airman Joerimer Collado, an individual protective equipment (IPE) specialist with the