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  • Moment of silence: Remembering Dec. 7, 1941

    "Yesterday, December 7, 1941 - a date which will live in infamy - the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan,"- Franklin Roosevelt.President Roosevelt uttered these well-remembered words the day after the Pearl Harbor attacks.Seventy-one years later, we still remember the
  • From the Frontlines: Staff Sgt. Lukas Bartels

    Chaplain assistants may only be a small team in deployed locations, but they can make substantial impacts in Airmen's lives.Staff Sgt. Lukas Bartels, 509th Bomb Wing chaplain assistant, is one such dynamic leader.Bartels recently returned from his six-month deployment to Al-Dhafra Air Base in the United Arab Emirates, where he performed Sunday
  • Keeping spirits healthy and full

    Its 10:59 a.m. and the line of hungry airman has already begun to form outside the Ozark Inn Dining Facility. Lunch begins at 11 a.m., however, the workers inside the Ozark Inn have been working since 4:30 a.m., preparing daily meals and planning for the upcoming Thanksgiving Day Meal."Our mission here is to support the airmen living in the dorms
  • Keeping the fleet rolling

    All across base and around the flightline, Bearcats, Humvees, and patrol cars are constantly working to keep Whiteman's assets and community safe. More specifically, the 509th Logistics Readiness Squadron vehicle maintenance unit keeps these vital vehicles up and on the job."We perform all the basic scheduled maintenance for the vehicles," said
  • 509th CPTS Travel Section: Helping money make the world go ‘round

    The 509th Comptroller Squadron travel pay section's mission - ensuring customers are paid accurately and on time after a TDY, PCS or deployment - is more than just "bulletin-board material" in the finance office; it is a responsibility carried out diligently on a daily basis by the dedicated customer service representatives at the 509th CPTS travel
  • FTAC: Helping Airmen adapt to Whiteman AFB

    "Room, 'tench hut!"A classroom full of Airmen rapidly snaps to attention as the base commander walks in to greet the young, frightened and nervous group of newcomers.With only eight weeks of basic training and the basic skill sets learned in tech school under their belts, these new Airmen know very little about the operational side of the Air
  • From The Frontlines: Tech. Sgt. Joshua Stonestreet

    When an Airman deploys, there are many adjustments to make.For Tech. Sgt. Joshua Stonestreet, 509th Civil Engineer Squadron explosive ordnance disposal team member, he had to adjust to a completely different military culture.Stonestreet was deployed from October 2011 to April 2012 with a United States Marine Corps combat engineer platoon in
  • "OPERATION QUARTERS WATCH:" A worry-free vacation begins with preparation

    As families begin to make holiday travel plans, one item of concern is leaving your home unattended.However, the 509th Security Forces Squadron offers base housing residents a unique service called Operation Quarters Watch.Base residents who enroll in Operations Quarters Watch will have their homes checked twice within a 24-hour time period by
  • From the Frontlines: Dr. (Maj.) Christopher Wilhelm

    With a mission to win hearts and minds through pediatrics, Dr. (Maj). Christopher Wilhelm deployed from the 509th Medical Operations Squadron to Afghanistan from Dec. 2011 to June 2012.Dr. Wilhelm was a key member of his deployed medical team, and treated and saved the lives of many severely injured children during his six month-tour in
  • Helping Airmen climb the career ladder

    The difference between a successful career and an unsuccessful one is how a service member manages and plans for their future.In an effort to support those forecasts, members from the 509th Force Support Squadron Career Development Office are available to help connect Team Whiteman to their goals."We sustain the number one warfighting machine in