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  • Spec. Prep.: 509th OSS Airman trains potential special operations Airmen

    Another day with hours spent in the gym running, swimming, lifting and sweating, doing all he can to help change Airmen’s lives. Staying focused on their fitness programs in order to get them where they need to be. Seeing the Airmen progress from the constant work and dedication. Pushing these

  • FTAC: Inspiring success

    Since Airmanship 300 was incorporated into the First Term Airman Course curriculum, Airmen have had the opportunity to do more than just in-process at their first duty station.“Over the years it has become a great program,” said Senior Master Sgt. John De La Rosa, the career assistant advisor

  • Attention to detail: From BMT to AFE

    She recalls being full of nerves, holding her breath in order to stand still. Although it may sound unimportant, passing this wall locker inspection was the difference between graduating basic military training (BMT) or having to repeat the training. Everything had to be perfect, which meant no dust

  • Tigers triumph with T-38 Talons

    Imagine taxiing down the runway with an open canopy, feeling the cool breeze through your body. After closing the canopy and being in position, the aircraft is cleared for takeoff. Adrenaline rushes through your body, making your heart race as anticipation increases. In a matter of seconds, you go

  • From one oath to another

    As time progressed form the day they both enlisted in the Air Force, the couple approached the inevitable fork in the road: should they stay in the military or not.

  • FTAC: Mentoring never stops

    The First Term Airmen Course (FTAC) instructor took one last look at his service dress blues in the full length mirror hanging on his office wall. It was Monday. This meant uniform inspections and the start to another week of mentoring.

  • Mentoring and maintaining dorm life

    Being an Airman Dorm Leader (ADL) has more to it than most people realize. With assistance from the first sergeants, dorm counsels and residents, the ADLs enhance the quality of life for the Airmen living in the dormitories at Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri.

  • FTAC: Airmanship 300 bridging the Air Force core values to the mission

    With all the military jargon that is thrown around, FTAC, or First Term Airmen Course, is somewhere in the mix. For many, this course is just another box to check on the in-processing checklist; however, recently it has developed into a vital part of the Profession of Arms.

  • Whiteman Geobase: On the map

    While playing around as a child and looking for places to start your next adventure, you may have come across the bright yellow signs planted in the ground telling you not to dig in the immediate vicinity without calling “811” to get clearance, due to the presence of gas lines or other utilities.

  • Inspection to perfection

    At any given moment a pilot may need to eject from an aircraft. The Airmen of the 509th Operations Support Squadron (OSS) inspect and pack parachutes that could save a pilot’s life. These Airmen have an important job requiring them to look at every piece of the parachute before it is packed and