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  • The beauty of purpose

    I remember the first time I realized there were animals in need. As a kid growing up in the late 90’s, I, like many others my age, had my eyes glued to the box TV when I wasn’t outside playing with friends. Amidst the various commercials and advertisements, little did I know at the time there was a certain series which would stand out. It would always start with soft piano music transitioning with videos of animals in a shelter. Eventually, a spokesperson would appear to express how the animals needed your support. Collectively, it would entice a sense of sorrow and pity … and eventually a desire to help. As a seven-year-old at that point, I did not donate, nor did I volunteer. I continued watching cartoons as usual until dinner time. Fast-forward two decades. I married my high school sweetheart, adopted two dogs and was an enlisted member of the Air Force. Life was great. Yet, I still didn’t feel as though I was doing enough. I took a step back and asked myself what else I could be doing to benefit others. I quickly came to the conclusion that for me to truly make a difference I had to invest my time in something personal.