Emerging Worship at the Stealth Lounge

  • Published
  • By Chaplain (Capt.) Ken Johnson
  • 509th Bomb Wing Chapel Service
Perhaps you have heard rumors about something "emerging." That seems to be the pace of our Air Force; something new or emerging to make life better for all. Emerging Worship at the Stealth Lounge is the new thing. 

On Sept. 13 our Base Chapel Protestant community will be launching a new worship service called Emerging Worship at the Stealth Lounge. Emerging Worship is not only new, it is also focused on young adults, mid-shifters and their families, although all are welcome to come. This gathering is scheduled to begin at 6:30 p.m. and allow for a unique style of worship service that does not look like church as usual. 

It will allow all to come together at a place where friendships and connections are made, to participate in a non-judgmental environment where people can ask deep questions, and allows for all to participate in a worship experience with personal appeal. This will be a unique experience of image driven, multi-sensory, participatory and experiential worship. OK! That was a mouthful. This is a unique experience that will allow participants to ask tough, life questions in a setting for candlelight worship, spoken word, unplugged guitars, plush couches, brewed coffee, pub tables and free food. This is a place where the "dude up front" is not the only one speaking, but all have an opportunity to engage in a healthy conversation concerning topics such as existence, ethical decisions and personal expression of faith. 

Emerging worship is not your typical worship experience. Not that traditional or contemporary protestant worship is bad, but we are offering a different flavor that addresses the common concerns and life challenges of our young Airmen, single or married. In addition, this Emerging Worship Service will address those mid-shifters and their families who were not able to attend worship services on Sunday morning at their local church.

This service will be offered at what has been traditionally known as the Spirit Café. The name "Stealth Lounge" will replace Spirit Café. For those who are not familiar with this location, we are located directly behind the Base Exchange and next to our current base Bowling Alley.

Curious?  Come check us out.