Focus your energy on what’s important

  • Published
  • By Brig. Gen. Greg Biscone
  • 509th Bomb Wing commander
To what do you commit your time and energy? What does your unit work together to accomplish every day? What is your unit preparing to tackle next and are you ready as both an individual and work group? 

Leaders and followers at all levels have a much greater chance of success if they are committed to completing their tasks with excellence and using great teamwork to get it done. 

OK...what tasks? 

Talk to your supervisors this month to ensure you understand what's most important in your daily duties to improve unit readiness. 

I'd also like each supervisor to ensure each Airman they lead develops at least one professional goal and sets some intermediate milestones to keep them on track to get it done! 

Why is this important? 

We're working hard during this conventional training cycle and we've got a lot on our plates but it's all not urgent and some work just isn't important. 

Supervisors must clearly communicate what's most important at work so subordinates understand what's expected of them. In other words, people need to know what's expected of them in order to do a good job. 

Supervisors also need to understand the aspirations of the people that are entrusted to them so they can assist in helping them develop in a way that both serve the needs of the Air Force and the individual. 

How should you go about it? Set a reasonable pace with a schedule and goal or two each that will help you fulfill both unit and personal needs. 

Take a few minutes each week to discuss what you did well during that period and what might be improved. 

During that time, check whether or not you're on track. 

The most critical aspect of all of this is to understand what's most important and focus your energy there. 

If there's too much to do, allow your chain of command to pull things off your plate. 

Help me continue to develop an environment in which you can be excellent at what you do while you become better at who you are. 

Thanks for the assist in setting a pace that makes us better and you stronger!