One final check turn

  • Published
  • By Brig. Gen. Greg Biscone
  • 509 Bomb Wing commander
Seventeen months ago I returned to Whiteman for the last of what have become three extremely rewarding assignments. It felt like I returned home. Many of you introduced or reintroduced yourselves to me as I made my around the base. You did much to turbo-charge my transition and enable me to better serve the wing and installation.

Throughout my tenure, expert Airmen demonstrated to me their readiness and ability to execute the mission -- weapons on target, on time! You also kept me informed and enabled me to help you achieve excellence ... to help us all become stronger.

In this final note to you as your commander, allow me, to touch on a few concepts and expectations that have been basic to our style and what I believe to be the basis for our truly unprecedented successes.

First, 509ers know that I believe no one is more or less important to our team than anyone else. It's true that different ranks and positions will have different levels of responsibility and different privileges, but all of us, in the daily execution of our duties, have the ability to improve or detract from mission areas. I will always value the contribution of each and every team member and I ask you to do the same.

Because teamwork is critical to all we do, we must continue to treat each other with respect ... the foundation of trust. Though superior individual effort and performance improves our team, we rarely go solo. I ask you to continue to build this team in all your personal and professional interactions, don't tear it down. Trust and respect are critical in building a successful team. You have earned my trust and respect.

Continue to dedicate yourselves to serve and learn each day; this is how we became better. I asked you, each day, to blend a desire to serve our Air Force and your supervisors and peers well. With the additional goal of learning a little more about your job, you stayed focused on the target and improved.

None of us will ever know it all. I don't expect anyone to. During my command I asked you to serve well and faithfully and learn more each day ... you responded with great loyalty.

You must take time. I know our schedules were full as we supported the war on terror, demonstrated our readiness and expertise to the inspector general in two nuclear surety inspections, a health services inspection and our first conventional operations readiness inspection as well as numerous other outside looks.

We did this as we brought new capabilities to the B-2 and integrated those capabilities with the joint force. If we're going to continue to be a strong force in the future, we have to be rested and ready. Spend time with your families and friends and take time for yourself. Enjoy your service in our Air Force.

So consider your value to the wing and to me during the last 17 months and in the future and allow me to challenge you one last time.

I challenge you to be strong, courageous and do the right thing: build on our climate of trust and respect, rededicate yourself to serve and to learn, and take time to be rested and ready. Never give up!

Thank you for all you did to help me improve the 509th Bomb Wing and Team Whiteman ... and for sending me off this week after our limited nuclear surety inspection with more proof that you are absolutely the best Airmen in the world's best Air Force!

I know that you'll offer Col. Garrett Harencak the same strong spirit of support you always gave me. Know also that I will always keep you on my scope and will fly your fighting wing from U.S. Central Command next. Debbie and I wish only the best for the best ...

None Finer!