Niner's Notes

  • Published
  • By Col. Garrett Harencak
  • 509th Bomb Wing commander
Team Whiteman has done superbly this past year accomplishing our mission. Thanks to the dedicated and professional efforts of all of our team members, we have been an
awesome force at searching out and destroying America's enemies. 

America's Air Force and our country have benefited greatly due to your sacrifices and the sacrifices of your families. You all have truly made a difference. I thank each of you for your honorable and courageous service to our nation. Please have a restful, enjoyable and most importantly, safe Christmas and holiday season. 

Let us always remember all of our brother and sister warriors in harms way all around the world. May they keep their saber sharp, their powder dry and their aim true. I know you join me in wishing them all Godspeed and a safe return.