Rise of the Cyber Wingman "10 guiding principles "

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  • By the 509th Bomb Wing
  • Information Assurance Office
As our Cyber Space Mission increases so does our guidance; taking the Wingmen concept that we all know and applying it to the cyber realm is just another step in the right direction. With the forming of Cyber Command, and more dedicated information coming from the upper echelons it's easy to see how security across our networks is such a great topic.

"We must all conduct ourselves as "Cyber Wingmen," recognizing that our actions and activities on the network affect every other Airman and impact our ability to execute the broader Air Force mission," said General Norton Schwartz, Chief of Staff of the Air Force.

Below is a great link toward that Cyber Wingmen goal and to what our senior leadership is trying to instill in us all including the "10 guiding principles." http://aimpoints.hq.af.mil/display.cfm?id=36485.

Included are some of the principals that everyone of us should understand and follow.
  •  The United States is vulnerable to cyberspace attacks by relentless adversaries attempting to infiltrate our networks- at work and at home- millions of times a day, 24/7.
  • The adversary attacks your computers at work and at home knowing
    you communicate with the AF network by e-mail, or transfer information from
    one system to another. 
  • As Cyber Wingmen, you have a critical role in defending your networks, your information, your security, your teammates and your country.
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